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CFS company is a supplier of packaging materials and packaging equipment. At the request of Cadbury, it specially designed for Cadbury, an internationally renowned candy supplier, with an increase of 0.68% and an advanced candy packaging equipment - smartp2.5 automatic experiment: all experimental processes can be completed automatically; acker C180。

Cadbury treborallan is the Canadian branch of British Cadbury Schweppes group. It mainly produces chocolate and fruit flavored candy products. These products are sugar coated products, which are very difficult to be packaged with ordinary single-sided or double-sided OPP film. Therefore, according to the special requirements of Cadbury company, CFS has customized a special packaging system for it. Smartpackerc180 is a high-speed packaging equipment specially designed and manufactured for packaging products that are not easy to be packaged by ordinary bag packaging equipment. Its main characteristics are high output and high efficiency

Brett Thorne, project manager of Cadbury treborallan, believes that replacing the old production line with six new smartpacker C180 packaging production lines will double the original packaging speed of 70 ~ 80 bags/min. In addition, he believes that in addition to production efficiency, the stability of the production line in the production process is also very important for the company. The company has been using smartpacker for seven months, and the production line of the system is still quite stable, requiring almost no maintenance

CFS said that smartpacker bag packaging system is the most advanced in the world. It can pack 180 bags of products per minute. The front section of the production line of the system is completely open, and the moving speed is slower than the out of alignment of the B fixture itself. It is very suitable for operation in the environment with a lot of sugar debris. In addition, the detection effect of the product detection equipment is very good, as Thorne said: "the product detection equipment has good sensitivity, and almost every grain of sugar has been tested"

on the other hand, CFS company has installed a special filling head on the production line, mainly to prevent sugar from sticking to the sealing part of candy packaging. In addition, CFS company has also made sealing central control system and special cooling device to meet the needs of candy manufacturers. In addition, multipond's weighing system can fully match the smartpacker packaging system, so as to provide corresponding services for Cadbury

after adopting the smartpacker of CFS company, the production cost of Cadbury treborallan has been reduced, the labor efficiency has been greatly improved, and 2500 people have been saved in all production lines

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