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New look of candy: hinged Mini distribution package

Cadbury Adams's new hall burns puts fresh, pleasant and slow-release candy into a revolutionary hinged "mini" distribution package. The distribution package of halls bursts has a unique hourglass shape, and the flip button can accurately control the quantity of products when pouring out. Translucent polypropylene material can let consumers see the products inside at a glance

any packaging reformer is under pressure to find a way to easily contain Hall's largest product. It is said that when it was displayed in 1964, Hall's product was the world's largest candy, weighing an amazing 167 pounds. But someone has solved this problem effortlessly. An innovative J.L. Clark installation is now ready to help this one of the few new hall burns products create a big impact. According to the standards of hall company, three kinds of spherical cherries, apples and peppermint with unusual taste, portable, ready to enjoy, sedative effect and throat pain relief are provided with computer to automatically pre judge whether the experimental results are qualified and effective (for example, whether the experimental data meet the relevant standards and regulations, and whether the sample breaks within or outside the gauge). The shape of hall bursts sugar with taste is quite small. According to Kerri Clark, a senior packaging engineer at Cadbury sweets Americas, the packaging required for the new product is different from any packaging made by halls in the past

"today's consumers are used to doing anything anytime, anywhere, whether it's calling, querying information or eating," Clark said. "The packaging of new products must be easy to hold, open, close and distribute, and can complete these tasks with one hand. Since a package is designed to contain 30 sugar grains, it must also be durable enough to withstand repeated use. We worked with J.L. Clark to create a 'ready' packaging that is very suitable for wallet, pocket or palm."

given the unique hourglass shape of the hall bursts distribution package and the fact that the flip button can accurately control the number of products when pouring out, consumers will find it easy to grasp and pour with one hand. The unique J.L. Clark "movable hinge" design can open or close the opening with the force of only one fingertip. The translucent polypropylene material can not only protect the injection molded container from the maximum use every day, but also let consumers see the products inside at a glance. The containers match the flavors of cherry, peppermint and green

the 16 cavity tool designed for packaging molding can produce the packaging box body at the same time after two 8 cavity tools are installed together in a more compact back-to-back manner

according to Mike diemer, product manager of J.L. Clark, although the fundamental function of container design requirements is to highlight the impression that the product can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere and the fresh and pleasant new taste of hall blasts, J.L. Clark is also given the task of completing countless more ordinary but equally important design goals. "We choose one-piece injection molding products instead of producing and then assembling separate box bodies, box tops and covers, so that we can finish the work with many birds with one stone and effectively," he said. "For example, we have reduced the customer's inventory, the processing capacity of logistics and the cost of producing multiple molds. Because the product is one-piece, we can also transport the container in an open state, so that the customer can finally fill the container, and then safely seal and label it."

the 16 cavity tool designed by J.L. Clark for the injection molding process can produce 16 boxes at the same time every few seconds after two 8-cavity tools are installed together in a more compact and back-to-back manner

transfer the box body into a directional bowl, and the distribution buckle is installed on its top. After the cover lifting button is pressed to the sealing position, the product is packaged for transportation (after the two parts of the product are connected through a movable hinge, they can be easily pressed together to enhance the safety of the product through needle insertion or post molding packaging with the box body)

labeling is completed by the downstream process of the customer. The reason why the label is designed as an integral package is to prevent the product from being stolen once the product is inserted into the package and sealed

the packaging required for the new product is different from any packaging made by hall in the past

now, in order to meet the demand, the new injection molding line in J.L. Clark plastic factory in Rockford, Illinois is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The new production and the production of another DENTYNE frost bites (TM) product that Cadbury Adams only sells in the Canadian market. The research work of the project is carried out in the special research office of Evonik medical devices in Birmingham, Alabama. The injection molding lines of similar packaging stand side by side

Cadbury Adams's parent company, Cadbury Smiths, is the largest candy company. Brands such as Cadbury, halls, Trident, Snapple, TREBOR, DENTYNE, bubblicious and Bassett belong to Cadbury Adams

J.L. Clark company, which has a history of more than 100 years, is a pioneer of professional packaging in many consumer and industrial markets. The packaging "independent of materials" scheme proposed now enables the company to produce innovative design and provide production solutions of metal, plastic or a combination of both

"the innovative packaging created through cooperation with J.L. Clark benefits both the uniqueness of the product and the randomness of our target market," Clark concluded. "We expect not only our products, but also greater things to happen to our partners."

source: packaging Expo

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