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Can continental panel manufacturers continue to make profits in 2013

recently, the global panel manufacturers have successively released the first quarter financial reports: Samsung's operating profit ratio is 11%, LGD is 2.2%, Youda's 0.2%, and qunchuang's about 2% - 3%; The operating profit rate of BOE, a local panel manufacturer, is about 5%, and that of Huaxing optoelectronics is as high as 14%, ranking the highest in the world. The local panel factory has got rid of the historical loss situation

from a global perspective, the LCD panel industry has turned down since 2011 and continued to this day, ending the glory of the previous eight years. At present, the performance of global LCD panel enterprises generally declines. However, from the financial reports of major panel manufacturers in the first quarter of this year, it can be seen that this year may become an inflection point for the large-size LCD panel market to get rid of the low tide of development. Then, the mainland should not be lower than B2 level panel manufacturers. Can they continue to make profits

the market prospect of large-size LCD panel is good

in 2013, after experiencing the low tide of previous years, the flat panel display industry regained the pace of rapid development, especially in the field of large-size LCD panel, and the market rebounded significantly. Like a raging fire in mainland China, Chinese mainland and Taiwan manufacturers are upgrading and expanding their new capacity. The expansion of production capacity reflects the gradual improvement of the industrial ecology of the flat panel display industry

in the first three months of 2013, the total global shipments of large-size LCD panels reached 252 million, an increase of 8.2% over the same period in 2012. The global demand for large-size LCD panels has been showing an increasing trend, but the growth trend decreased slightly in April due to the slowdown of May day stock demand. However, compared with the quality characteristics of polyolefin special resin in 2012, it directly affected the film-forming, safety and applicability of the diaphragm, with a year-on-year increase of 7.96%

in April alone, the total volume of global large-size panel shipments was 65.205 million, down - 4.9% month on month. The demand for panels below 26 inches, 32 inches and 46 inches decreased compared with the previous month, and the monthly shipment of LCD TV panels decreased by 5.4% in April as a whole; The monthly delivery of display panel shall be reduced by 3%; The shipment of notebook computer panels above 10.1 inches was considered by the financial settlement of some brands at the end of the quarter. The shipment volume weakened, and the total monthly shipment volume decreased by 11%, making the shipment volume of large-size LCD panels in April less than expected. Record the downtime, damaged parts and fracture conditions

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