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Can "customized" doors and windows become the next air outlet

at present, the customized home furnishing industry is the fastest growing industry in the whole home furnishing industry, and the customized cabinet and wardrobe, as the representatives, are in the air outlet. Customized doors and windows also belong to the field of customized home. Will they become the next outlet in the next few years? Judging from the actions of major cross-border brands, there is a surge in door and window brands and the popularity of customization market

looking at the current door and window market, Zhan Mianyang, a senior executive who left from hospitality, founded "meishigu" doors and windows, and sieneman wardrobe invested in "sieneman doors and windows". Sofia reached a strategic cooperation with Huahe to jointly expand the door and window project, and Tata wooden door "quietly" launched door and window products It seems that more and more brands are beginning to pay attention to the door and window industry, which should not be a coincidence

current situation: the popularity of Zhengsheng brand is booming

Channel: in a well-known store in the west, there were only about 10 door and window brand stores in 2015, but by 2016, there were 25, an increase of 1.5 times only by the number of brands, which also proves the rapid progress of the door and window industry in channel layout

in terms of communication: there is a data for reference: among the 680 billboards on the Chongqing Suining Expressway leading to Chengdu and Chongqing, 14 door and window brands account for 45. At the same time, there are 15 billboards for 7 brands. Advertisements of door and window brands are not uncommon in major airports and high-speed railway stations across the country

in terms of revenue: take a brand as an example, the compound annual growth rate of wired in terms of doors and windows in the past two years has reached 100%. This data is believed to be enough to win everyone's attention. This is indeed the revenue phenomenon of the door and window industry. Many brands have high growth rates and are not inferior to the profit space of the wardrobe and cabinet industry in terms of profits

probe into the cause: the real estate is hot and urgent

no matter which city's real estate purchase will always encounter some demand for free area and wall modification, and most of the partition windows donated by the real estate developers will be removed or replaced. Such replacement demand has accumulated into a very large market space. In addition, the developers adopt mass procurement when building doors and windows, which only meets the needs of the public, Whether in terms of design or functional considerations, there is no special detail. When users pursue higher quality, they will not be satisfied with the original door and window products of developers, which is another market demand for replacement

in terms of property division, there are three categories: high-rise buildings, foreign houses and villas. The above needs are common in high-rise buildings, but the sunshine houses of foreign houses and villas are just needed. In addition, there are more and more directional needs such as anti-theft, mosquito prevention and child fall prevention, and the demand for door and window customization is more and more urgent. All this can be attributed to the real estate boom, but it can also be understood as the urgent need

Product Chain: clear cut, high acceptance

it may not be a professional classification method to separate doors and windows according to material, but at the level of consumer demand, this is the most direct classification method. Aluminum alloy and plastic steel doors and windows are often used in high-rise buildings. Its characteristic is that under the condition of stable performance, the price is not expensive, the acceptance difficulty is low, the price ranges from hundreds to thousands, and there are a wide range of choices

the door and window products with the combination of wood and aluminum materials in the new era have better thermal insulation effect, more applications in the north, and the process difficulty determines that the price of this kind of products is not the first investment of human, material and capital by mass consumption. Therefore, this kind of products are more used in foreign houses, villas or high-end high-rise buildings

through the derivation of these two types of products, it can be seen that the door and window industry has a relatively complete product link, which is also clear from the market. Most of the aluminum alloy doors and windows do not involve wood aluminum doors and windows. Similarly, few who are good at wood aluminum doors and windows are also aluminum alloy doors and windows, or put them at the same height

Future: can customized doors and windows become the next tuyere?

compared with other more mature building materials industries, door and window products are much simpler than wardrobe and cabinet from our view of the industry personnel when we go to the customer's site. It is that profiles can be sawn into corresponding sizes and then nested with corresponding sizes of glass. This cognition greatly reduces the threshold of aluminum alloy plastic steel doors and windows, Often a small store can contract the door and window business of a community

can the customized door and window industry become the next outlet? There have been discussions in the industry for a long time. As early as the "next outlet" Summit Forum of the Fifth China customized furniture research results conference of "shuffle, play and win" on December 20, 2016, relevant industry experts have discussed whether the customized door and window industry can become the next outlet; To become the next tuyere, how to break through the limitations of current production, marketing and brand in the customized door and window industry is discussed. As more and more brands enter it, employees in the customization industry should pay attention to this phenomenon. The helmsman of customized brands should also consider doing more in-depth market research to judge whether to follow this direction


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