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China smart manufacturing re upgrades orebo and Gree to create a new benchmark for smart exhibition halls

China smart manufacturing re upgrades orebo and Gree to create a new benchmark for smart exhibition halls

recently, Dongguan Gree smart exhibition hall was officially opened. This is the first exhibition hall opened by gree in the country focusing on smart equipment. Its whole house smart home system was carefully built by orebo, a well-known domestic smart home brand. On the one hand, it is a well-known brand in China's home appliance industry, on the other hand, it is a leading enterprise in China's smart home. This cooperation between the two sides can be called a big demonstration of the smart manufacturing strength of China's science and technology enterprises. The two sides work together to build China's smart home ecosystem and jointly upgrade China's smart home

since 2013, Gree has officially entered the field of intelligent equipment, enabling smart life with intelligent technology. The cooperation with euribo this time started a large-scale water test in the iot+ai field by upgrading the smart exhibition hall to the exclusive store. During the visit, the reporter found that consumers can feel various fancy "black technology" in the experience hall store. The "movie mode" can be opened with one button. The curtains will be closed automatically, the lights will be adjusted automatically, the projection curtain will be opened automatically, and the ceiling sound will be opened automatically; In the "home mode", air conditioners, water heaters and other electrical equipment are operated in advance... Such a large and innovative smart home technology lights up a colorful and intelligent life. At the same time, several large-scale franchised stores of Gree are undergoing intelligent transformation, and orebo's smart home products are placed in a prominent position insiders said that the market scale of the whole house smart home system has not risen. If the system operation can not reduce the learning cost like smart phones, there are obstacles for the elderly and users who are not familiar with electronic devices. Convenient operation and optimized interaction have become a key link in the implementation of smart home and a breakthrough in Gree's layout of the smart home industry

this is exactly the advantage of euribo. Since its establishment, euribo has focused on the R & D and innovation of smart home infrastructure, and has the world's leading product R & D and design capabilities. Last year, euribo revolutionary launched the "whole house smart home system with mixpad as the core" to bring a new third-generation whole house smart home system solution to the industry. Its aisense intelligent scene mechanism, based on AI and big data technology, supports business intelligence Different scenario requirements in service intelligence and device intelligence

as the control center of the whole house smart home system, mixpad is defined as the smart home interaction portal, which covers the control needs of all smart home single products and multi product scene linkage. It can integrate all home controls such as lighting, floor heating and fresh air into a very beautiful smart wall panel, making the original isolated and fragmented home interaction more unified and efficient, At the same time, it realizes the systematization and intellectualization of basic electrical appliances through strong connection and computing power. In terms of operation, mixpad integrates four interactive modes, namely, key press, touch control, voice and app, which can be easily controlled by the elderly or children

Dongguan Gree technology exhibition hall serves as a consumption experience window for both sides to jointly promote the implementation of smart life. Just last month, the 2019 China intelligent manufacturing industry chain application conference was held in Dongguan. One important reason for choosing Dongguan is that the theme of the conference is "upgrading China's Intelligent Manufacturing", which is highly consistent with Dongguan Gree technology exhibition hall. The conference also made Dongguan Gree technology exhibition hall shine. With the help of euribo's systems and products, people witnessed the confidence and advantages of gree in the layout of IOT and appreciated the scientific and technological charm of euribo's smart home products. In the future, the two sides will take upgrading China's smart manufacturing as their own responsibility, jointly promote the implementation of Smart Life in more Chinese families, and make the world fall in love with China's smart manufacturing and smart home




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