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Many people may not know that the credit card we hold can not only be used well in daily consumption, but also play a more important role in large-scale consumption such as house purchase and decoration. If we use the credit card well, we can save a lot of money ~ ~ in this article, Xi Caijun will introduce how to use the credit card skillfully to buy a house and decoration to save more money

1. Overdraft credit card to pay the down payment of housing loan

at the beginning of November last year, netizens Tu Tu bought a 65 square meter two bedroom apartment in Panlong city for 200000 yuan. According to relevant regulations, those who buy the first self owned house with a building area of less than 90 square meters can enjoy the preferential policy of 20% of the down payment and 85% of the benchmark expected annualized interest rate. At that time, Tu Tu had only 40000 yuan, and it was said that the 20% down payment was just fine, but the sales lady calculated an account for him. According to the current benchmark, the expected annualized interest rate was 7.83%, and Tu Tu Tu enjoyed a 15% discount. The expected annualized interest rate was 6.6555%. The down payment was 20%, the loan was 160000 yuan, which was repaid in 30 years, and the monthly payment was 1027.78 yuan. If the down payment ratio is raised to 30%, that is, 60000 yuan, and the loan is 140000 yuan, other conditions remain unchanged. Tu Tu only needs to pay 899.31 yuan per month. This will save 26250 yuan in 30 years. The words of the sales lady made Tu Tu very excited. It was not easy to buy a house. Of course, it was good to save money. But Tu Tu had only 40000 yuan of property. Although the amount of 20000 yuan was not large, it was inconvenient to borrow from relatives and friends as the new year was approaching. What should we do

after coming out of the sales department, Tu Tu accidentally saw his credit card. This card can overdraw 20000 yuan. If you withdraw cash, the daily interest is 0.05%, and the handling fee is charged at 3%, that is, 600 yuan. The interest for one day is 10 yuan, and that for one month is 300 yuan. The sum of these two items is 900 yuan. Therefore, Tu Tu decided to withdraw cash

at the beginning of December last year, Tu Tu made a down payment of 60000 yuan with the help of a credit card. Although he paid a handling fee of 900 yuan plus interest, he could save more than 25000 yuan. Tu Tu thought it was very cost-effective

2. Decoration office loan repayment in advance

netizen Xueer began to repay the loan in January 2007, covering an area of 70 square meters, with a total loan of 160000 yuan, which is repaid in 30 years. According to the expected annualized interest rate of the loan at that time of 6.84%, the monthly payment will be 939.82 yuan after the implementation of 15% discount. The house was handed over at the end of October 2007, and Xueer had saved 50000 yuan for decoration, but she went to see building materials. As a result, she listened to the introduction of the staff, and could also handle large installment payments through a credit card

it is understood that if you use this credit card to buy building materials, you can overdraw 50000-150000 yuan, which is equivalent to handling "decoration loans" with a credit card. In addition to handling charges, you do not need to pay interest. Using this credit card to buy building materials, there are two repayment periods: one year and two years. The one-year handling fee is 3.5%, and there is a preparation period of the first six months. The repayment starts from the seventh month, and it is actually completed within one and a half years. Xueer calculated that for a one-year loan, 50000 yuan, the handling fee is 1750 yuan. It's really cost-effective to pay this handling fee after a year and a half of loan

Xue er said that the income of her husband and her husband in a year is about 80000 yuan. She used the saved 50000 yuan to repay part of the house loan in advance, and then used the credit card to handle the "decoration loan". By reducing the monthly repayment amount and keeping the repayment period unchanged, after paying 50000 yuan in advance in January 2008, the monthly payment became 636.75 yuan from the beginning of the next month, and the total interest was reduced by 54528.9 yuan. It was quite cost-effective to use the decoration loan to repay part of the house loan in advance

Xi Caijun's comments: there is no interest except handling charges when using a credit card to apply for a decoration loan. It's OK to pay it when it's due. It is suitable for people who have collected their houses and are about to start decoration. Applying for decoration loans with credit cards and repaying the money originally prepared for decoration in advance can reduce many burdens for "housing slaves". However, at present, only credit card customers of several banks can handle this business

3. It is more cost-effective to swipe the card after decoration

after the netizen Sha Li finished decorating his new house, he used his credit card to buy a 32 inch LCD TV, a drum washing machine, and a gas water heater in the mall, costing 6000 yuan; I also bought a four piece bedroom set, sofa and coffee table, which cost 6000 yuan. According to the regulations of the bank, as long as sand can repay the 12000 yuan within 50 days, it can not only enjoy interest free treatment, but also participate in the credit card points for gifts

Sha Li told reporters that he had already borrowed money to buy a house at that time, and the decoration had already spent all the money. He was in a hurry to live in a new house, but he couldn't sleep on the ground. Fortunately, there is a credit card. You can swipe the card first to buy furniture and household appliances. As long as you find a way to return the money within the specified time limit, it's OK

Xi Caijun comments: short term turnover, do what you can, and there will be no trouble in repaying within the specified period, but if you exceed the period, you will have to pay for your own mistakes. In addition to spending points as a gift, you can also get yourself an interest free period of 50 days, which is really a good thing

combined with the above information, you should be able to find some wonderful uses of credit cards, so accumulating credit card quotas can play a very important role at a critical time





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