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Luchuan, President of XCMG: carry forward outstanding entrepreneurship in the new era by adhering to reform and innovation Luchuan, President of XCMG: carry forward outstanding entrepreneurship in the new era by adhering to reform and innovation information on China Construction Machinery on the morning of May 20, the opening ceremony of 2018 China Nantong Jianghai International Expo and entrepreneur development conference hosted by the CPC Nantong Municipal Committee and Nantong Municipal People's government was grandly held in Binjiang intercontinental hotel. Luchuan, deputy secretary of the Party committee of XCMG group and President of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a keynote speech

Yubin, member of the leading Party group and director of the general office of the development research center of the State Council, guodacheng, President of China Shipbuilding Industry Association, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of physics columns and upper and lower bending equipment of Nanjing University, sunhuaibin, director of the Economic Research Center of China Textile Industry Association, yuwenqin, vice president and Secretary General of Jiangsu Association for the promotion of Soviet business development, and other experts, scholars and business guests attended. More than 800 guests including luzhipeng, Secretary of the CPC Nantong Municipal Committee and director of the Standing Committee of Nantong Municipal People's Congress, and other major principals of Nantong municipal government and enterprises attended the event

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, "high-quality development" has become the key to the development of enterprises in the new era and the test standard for outstanding entrepreneurs in the new era. In this context, the entrepreneur development conference, with the theme of "stimulating modern entrepreneurship and promoting high-quality industrial development", is committed to further promoting entrepreneurship, giving full play to entrepreneurial talents, and stimulating and leading the innovation and entrepreneurship vitality of the whole society

at the conference site

at the conference, Luchuan, President of XCMG machinery, delivered a keynote speech titled "promoting outstanding entrepreneurship in the new era by adhering to reform and innovation", which was unanimously recognized by the participating leaders, experts, scholars and enterprise leaders

Luchuan, President of XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech titled "promoting outstanding entrepreneurship in the new era by adhering to reform and innovation"

Luchuan, President of XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd., first discussed the connotation of outstanding entrepreneurship in the new era with you, and asked "what is an outstanding entrepreneur? What is the spirit of an outstanding entrepreneur? What are the constituent elements of an outstanding entrepreneurship?" Three issues to deeply analyze the connotation and essence of outstanding entrepreneurship in the new era

"in 2017, XCMG achieved an operating income of 95.1 billion yuan, set a new record with a 60% increase in its main business income, and its total profit increased by 3.5 times year-on-year. It has built confidence in the global market. These high-quality development achievements have finally ushered in the key turning point of explosive growth and climbing to the peak with the test of winter and fire."

Luchuan said, "the biggest change of XCMG in the past five years is that it has increasingly become a modern enterprise with world-class management structure and international competitiveness."

according to the zero point of the height display table, "Xiao zero" XCMG's "reform"

a courageous and tenacious road of struggle

Luchuan reviewed XCMG's 19 years of reform and development with passion. He said that reform is the strongest driving force for the development of Xugong University. Entrepreneurs have never paved the way with flowers, but created a new road in thorns. The road of enterprise reform is also the road of enterprise rebirth and development. It is through the continuous reform of the XCMG team under the leadership of chairman Wang Min that XCMG, an old state-owned enterprise that is in deep trouble and whose core enterprise is on the verge of bankruptcy, has walked out of a difficult period and come to this day step by step. Over the years, XCMG has always adhered to the general direction of reform and focused on enhancing the vitality of the enterprise system, innovation ability and market competitiveness

"over the past 19 years, XCMG has accumulated sales of more than 700000 units, operating income of more than 890 billion yuan, and foreign exchange earned by brand export of more than 10 billion US dollars; its annual operating income, overseas income, profits and taxes, and total assets have increased by 26, 45, 39, and 22 times respectively; and it has ranked first in the national industry for 29 consecutive years, from not ranking among the top 30 in the global industry to becoming the sixth in the global industry."

in a sonorous tone, Luchuan was full of pride. "Without reform, there would be no XCMG today and no XCMG future!"

1. Technology and management innovation - unswervingly adhere to innovation driven development

when inspecting XCMG, General Secretary Xi emphasized that innovation is the source of the core competitiveness of enterprises, and many core technologies are not available and can not be bought. State owned enterprises should become a new force to deepen the supply side structural reform, aim at international standards, improve the level of development, and promote China's industry to move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain. In accordance with the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, XCMG always keeps in mind the mission of building a world-class strong national brand, and unswervingly builds XCMG into a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness, ranking among the top five and top three of the global construction machinery with the "leading technology and indestructible" action gold standard and the "three high and one large" product strategy

"the first dig in China" 700 ton hydraulic excavator was successfully brought off the production line

although the world's first 8-axis 1200 ton all terrain B787 ⑴ 0 aircraft is a face crane made of composite materials, xca1200

2. Market innovation - unswervingly adhere to the international road

"the key to the future competition in China's construction machinery industry is overseas and in the high-end market. Only by winning the competition in the international high-end market can it really be called a world-class brand." Lu said

at the end of 1980s, XCMG took the lead in internationalization in the industry. After nearly 30 years of exploration and practice, XCMG has embarked on a "four in one" international development path of export trade, overseas factory building, cross-border M & A and global R & D. with more than 3000 foreign employees, XCMG has formed a global layout of five overseas manufacturing bases and ten KD factories. XCMG's international revenue accounted for nearly 30% of the total revenue last year, and will accelerate the realization of the strategic goal of increasing the proportion of international revenue to 50%

XCMG's internationalization path

3. Talent innovation - unswervingly building a first-class talent team

"the competitive advantage of China's industry now is more reflected in having a complete supply chain." Luchuan said, "however, in fact, the most powerful competitive advantage of China's industry lies in the comprehensive building of a first-class talent team, which is the strongest support to promote the transformation of China's speed to China's quality and XCMG's quality first strategy." Over the years, XCMG has been committed to matching the rapid development of enterprises with the growth rate of talents. Through building platforms and mechanisms, XCMG has created three steel like excellent groups in its development experience, i.e., "world intelligence group", "high skilled talents group" and "excellent entrepreneurs group". These steel like excellent groups have always adhered to XCMG's single-minded spirit, The routine inspection is carried out innovatively and persistently: the radial tension test of the pipe ring, the diameter expansion test of the pipe ring, the manufacturing of the pipe ring stripping test, and the main business of construction machinery, which has won the world-class technical quality reputation of XCMG, which is favored by users and respected by peers, and is the strongest force to build XCMG for a century

"XCMG's cause is closely connected with the cause of the state, the cause of the nation and the cause of the party. XCMG's work is a state-owned enterprise with political and cultural advantages and glorious traditions. The political and cultural advantages and glorious traditions make every worker in XCMG have a sense of responsibility for the rise and fall of the country. This is XCMG's unique advantage and a unique competitive strength." Lu said

"without modesty, prudence, sober mind and learning spirit, and without being sober, modest, prudent, hard-working and down-to-earth hard work, it is easy for enterprises to turn back and go downhill, nor reach the summit of the global industrial Mount Everest, and it is even more difficult to promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." Luchuan emphasized

"keep in mind the instructions of the general secretary and live up to the great trust of the general secretary; be loyal to the party and win glory for the country; work hard and guard against arrogance and rashness; reform and innovation, remove all obstacles; work hard and overcome all difficulties; cast XCMG's great cause of reaching the summit of the Pearl mountain, and carry forward the past and forge ahead and make new contributions to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!"

as a conclusion, Luchuan, President of XCMG Machinery Co., Ltd., shared with the guests the solemn oath of all XCMG cadres taking a collective oath to the national flag and the party flag at the beginning of the year, and encouraged everyone. In the endless applause on the scene, the atmosphere of the conference reached a climax again

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