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Lu Jiqi, chairman of Wanhe board of directors, won the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in China's hardware industry. On November 12, the 30th anniversary celebration of the 5th council of China Hardware Association and the establishment of the association was grandly held in Beijing National Conference Center. Leading guests from China Light Industry Federation, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the head of China Hardware Association, and the chairman of nearly 100 key enterprises in the industry More than 300 industry masters and elites, including the general manager, gathered together to celebrate this grand event

speech by Shi senglan, director of China Hardware Association

in his speech, Shi senglan, director of China Hardware Association, recalled that the association has been growing steadily over the past three decades. In view of the key and difficult points in the industry, the association has been controlling product quality standards, actively exploring in all aspects such as intelligence, and building a strategic layout of "one exhibition, one publication and one" to enable the industry to It has made amazing achievements in all aspects of circulation, showing the unique posture of China's hardware development to the world

Zhang Chonghe, President of China Light Industry Federation, made a speech

Zhang Chonghe, President of China Light Industry Federation, said that over the past three decades, excellent enterprises with strength and brands in the hardware industry have been eager to take the lead. They are not afraid of difficulties, forge ahead and have made great contributions to the industry. Facing the future, we hope that the association will not forget its original intention, serve the industry, enterprises and the country well, transform China, a hardware power, and encourage entrepreneurs to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, improve quality, act actively, and make more contributions to the development of the hardware industry

in this event, China Hardware Association gave important commendations to enterprises and individuals who have made important achievements in the development of the industry in the past 30 years based on the same drilling materials and contributions. The first 30-year "National Hardware Industry Lifetime Achievement Award" was awarded to only 13 people. Lu Jiqi, chairman of the board of directors of Wanhe enterprise group, is the only entrepreneur selected in the gas appliance industry. After 40 years of entrepreneurship, he can be said to be a typical sample of self-made, independent innovation and upgrading development of private entrepreneurs in the 40 years of reform and opening up. At the conference, yeyuanzhang, chairman of Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd., also won the "National Excellent Entrepreneur Award in hardware industry", while Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd. was rated as "national excellent enterprise in hardware industry"

Lujiqi, chairman of the board of directors of Wanhe enterprise group, won the national Lifetime Achievement Award in the hardware industry. Group photo of outstanding entrepreneurs in China's hardware industry for 40 years: The Legend of the Republic's peers starting from scratch. Lujiqi, a native of Shunde, Guangdong Province, was born in 1949 when new China was founded. He is a generation who grew up with new China. In 1978, the year when Lu Chuqi was in his thirties, taking advantage of the country's opening-up and reform and development, Lu Chuqi, who has electrical skills, took advantage of his own expertise and led more than a dozen apprentices to repair radio products such as TV, audio and radio in the rented small attic to serve local residents. Because of his excellent electrical maintenance technology, he was known as "a must in Guangxi"

In 1987, Lu Chuqi developed a high-voltage pulse transformer and, together with his brothers luchulong, luchupeng and his apprentice yeyuanzhang, set up Chengxi Electric Appliance Factory. Subsequently, Lu Chuqi applied the high-voltage pulse transformer to the stove and gas water heater, and became the core accessory supplier of other gas water heater brands. In 1992, under the leadership and chairmanship of Lu Chuqi, Wanhe R & D team developed the first "water controlled fully automatic ultra-thin gas water heater" in China, creating an era of "hot water comes as soon as the water valve is opened" for China's gas water heater. This water heater was also listed as a "national Spark plan" project in that year

in 1993, Wanhe group was formally established. Since its development, Wanhe group has become a large enterprise group holding Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Hongte Precision Technology Co., Ltd. and Shunde rural commercial bank and Foshan Hongtu Zhongbao Cable Co., Ltd. It has ten production and manufacturing bases in Shunde, Zhongshan, Gaoming, Hefei, Zhaoqing and other cities, covering a total area of nearly 3000 mu, In, the production capacity of more than 20million sets was inseparable from the national promotion of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In 2017, the total revenue of Wanhe group exceeded 14billion yuan, marking a new milestone. In 2018, Wanhe group was shortlisted as one of China's top 500 private enterprise manufacturing enterprises

Lu Jiqi was very impressed after winning the award. 40 years ago, he was just a self-employed electrical maintenance operator walking through the streets. Up to now, Wanhe has become a public listed company. All this comes from the growth soil created by the national reform and opening up for private enterprises and the market opportunities brought by the continuous upgrading of hundreds of millions of Chinese household consumption

In China, the development of private enterprises has become an important driving force for China's economic development after the reform and opening up. At the Symposium on private enterprises held by the CPC Central Committee not long ago, President Xi highly summarized and affirmed the important position and role of the private economy in the national economy

as a typical native private enterprise, Lu Jiqi's entrepreneurial process has been running through the 40 years of reform and opening up. With such a long growth cycle, Wanhe is a rare "giant panda" among China's private enterprises. Lu Jiqi attributes his secret of entrepreneurship and business keeping to "focus" and "persistence"

Since the establishment of Wanhe, Lu Jiqi, with his strategic vision and thinking as an entrepreneur, has gained insight into the development characteristics of the industry and the trends at home and abroad, grasped the direction for the development of the enterprise and promoted several major strategic transformations in the development process of the enterprise. In 2006, Lu Jiqi took the lead in putting forward the development strategy of gas appliances in the industry and announced that he would mainly focus on the production of gas appliances such as gas stoves, gas water heaters, gas barbecue ovens, gas wall mounted ovens, etc. This is the first time that a domestic enterprise with a new high output has clearly released the development strategy of gas appliances. The strategic goal established by Wanhe at that time was to be "the leader of China's gas appliances" and "the manufacturing base of the world's gas appliances"

driven by the focus and positioning strategy, Wanhe's technological R & D strength, brand marketing ability and channel cooperation ability have been continuously improved. From 1993 to 2018, Wanhe has continuously subverted itself and created numerous industry firsts in 25 years, among which the gas-fired water heater has been the first in the comprehensive market share for 14 consecutive years since 2003. Some professionals say that Wanhe's 25 year history of product development is an evolutionary history of China's water heaters

bsria, the world's authoritative independent research institution, has released research results. Among the top ten water heater brands in the global market, few are Chinese water heater brands, and only Wanhe and Haier are among them. Haier is dominated by electric water heaters, while Wanhe's gas water heaters firmly occupy the leading position in the Chinese market

1360: patented technology has witnessed the independent innovation ability of Chinese manufacturing. From the first day of entrepreneurship, Lu Jiqi believed that technological innovation will never end. If there is no domestic competitor, it will be benchmarked against foreign countries. If there is no ahead object, it will be subverted

under the advocacy and promotion of Lu Jiqi, "independent innovation" has become the soul of Wanhe development. From the first water controlled fully automatic water heater in China to the first microcomputer controlled forced drainage water heater, the first balanced water heater, the first condensing water heater, the first multi-functional integrated water heating system, the first intelligent gas water heater, etc. So far, Wanhe has 36 industry advanced technologies in the field of kitchen and bathroom appliances, has led or participated in the drafting and revision of national standards for gas water heaters, gas cookers and other products for many times, and has more than 1360 patents, representing the cutting-edge direction of China's gas appliance technology

in the headquarters of Wanhe in Shunde high tech Development Zone, a gray building covering an area of 2500 square meters occupies an important position in the hearts of all Wanhe people. Hundreds of top technical talents at home and abroad are gathered here. With the world's leading experimental equipment, one international leading technical product after another has been born. In addition to this experimental building with an investment of more than 60million yuan, Wanhe also promoted the settlement of seven innovation platforms, such as "national enterprise technology center", "clean energy academician expert workstation" and "postdoctoral research workstation", providing a strong guarantee for the company's sustainable innovation. So far, Wanhe has spent more than 3% of its revenue on product and technology research and development every year

Wanhe electric experiment building

: the industry standardization promotion model & public welfare pioneer

can be honored with the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in China's hardware industry. Lu Jiqi not only relies on the achievements of the enterprises he founded, but also his contribution to the healthy and sound development of the industry and society

during his tenure as the third chairman of the gas appliance branch of China Hardware Association, under his advocacy and vigorous promotion, Wanhe actively carried out publicity and promotion activities for the "CGC" certification of gas appliance products, and took the lead in obtaining the "CGC" certification, setting an example for other enterprises in the industry; It took the lead in carrying out the campaign of "full recall of direct discharge water heaters", advocated "compensatory scrapping" for the first time, and promoted ten enterprises in the industry to establish a "Public Welfare Alliance for direct discharge replacement and forced discharge"; In addition to trying to solve the "safety" problems that perplex the development of the industry, it also took the lead in developing and promoting products that conform to the development direction of the industry, making the domestic gas-fired water heater the world leader in the field of energy-saving technology for the first time; Call on the industry to establish a benign competitive order under the premise of "competition and cooperation", unite industry colleagues to jointly establish "local alliance standards for condensing water heaters", and protect the healthy development of advanced energy-saving technologies in China; Put forward a proposal to apply for the "city of gas appliances" to Shunde District government, actively cooperate with relevant research, and strive to promote the smooth passage of this proposal and expand the industry influence

while maintaining high-speed business development, Lu Jiqi never forgets to repay the society, pays attention to building harmonious, and win-win public relations, and enthusiastically supports public welfare undertakings. In Shunde, the "home appliance capital of China", Wanhe has won the annual "big taxpayer" award for many consecutive years, making great contributions to the local economic and social development. Since the establishment of Wanhe, the company has made donations worth billions of yuan. Since 2014, the company has continued to carry out the social positive energy theme activities on the 1212 accompanying day, showing a strong social sense of an entrepreneur's constant pursuit of excellent performance and contributing to the development of public welfare undertakings


at the end of 2015, Lu Jiqi officially resigned as the chairman of Wanhe electric, retired from the front-line management of Wanhe electric and focused on the investment layout of Wanhe group. His position was taken over by yeyuanzhang, his apprentice and then president, who followed him for more than 30 years. His son luyucong officially took over the position of president of Wanhe electric, opening the way for the inheritance and re entrepreneurship of the enterprise. At present, Wanhe Electric is making great strides in the industrialization and global layout of intelligent manufacturing along the corporate vision of "professional supplier of kitchen and sanitary appliances and domestic hot water systems"

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