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Standards and measures for lubrication of portal cranes at ports there are two portal crane fleets at terminals a, C and D of Qinhuangdao port general cargo company. There are a total of 27 portal cranes of 6 types (hereinafter referred to as portal cranes). The equipment is worth more than 100 million yuan. It is the main equipment for Qinhuangdao Port Group Co., Ltd. to complete the loading and unloading production tasks. The loading and unloading production practice over the years has proved that the lubrication of the gantry crane is the focus of the maintenance and management of the gantry crane equipment, and good lubrication can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the smooth completion of production tasks. Therefore, after the new gantry crane was put into production, the company formulated the corresponding lubrication standards for the gantry crane, strengthened the lubrication management of the gantry crane, and effectively improved the reliability of the gantry crane operation

1 formulate the lubrication standard for single gantry crane equipment

according to the current situation of multiple gantry crane equipment models and the coexistence of new and old equipment, in order to ensure the normal operation of gantry crane equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication management of equipment, which is one of the key tasks of equipment management

first of all, organize the engineering and technical personnel of the company and the two gantry crane fleets to formulate corresponding single machine lubrication standards according to the current situation of gantry crane equipment, drawing requirements and lubrication characteristics as the enterprise standard of Qinhuangdao Port Group. The standard is divided into two parts: the technical standard for portal crane lubrication and the management standard for portal crane lubrication. The technical standard for lubrication specifies the lubrication parts, lubrication points, lubrication materials, lubrication methods, refueling cycle and cleaning cycle of a single machine

the lubrication management standard specifies the lubrication responsibilities, rights and specific lubrication precautions of the use, maintenance and management personnel of various gantry cranes

2 propagandize and implement the lubrication standards and formulate corresponding measures

2.1 propagandize and implement the standards, conduct lubrication standard knowledge training, and leaders attach great importance to equipment lubrication. They not only put the lubrication work into the enterprise asset Computer Information Management EAM system, but also clearly instruct the employees to do a good job in the publicity, implementation and implementation of the standards. Organize engineering and technical personnel to carry out special training on lubrication for gantry crane drivers and maintenance personnel, be familiar with lubrication standards, and master the correct lubrication methods for single machine equipment. In order to ensure the publicity and implementation of the lubrication standard, the lubrication standard has been included in an assessment of employee skill appraisal. Over the past few years, every gantry crane driver and maintenance personnel have accepted the gantry crane lubrication standard and have chosen the steel plate spring seat plane with CCD metallographic microscope system: the fulcrum is formally trained on the axis line of 2 steering knuckle, and the participation rate has reached 100%

2.2 strengthen understanding and eliminate misunderstanding

the gantry crane crew collected and sorted out various examples of parts damage caused by poor lubrication in the past. By comparing the use time of correctly lubricated parts, the drivers and maintenance personnel paid attention to the importance of lubrication. Since the a311 gantry crane was put into production in 1991, all the crew members of the Chartered crew have strictly implemented the lubrication standard, and the tooth coupling of the lifting mechanism has been used for 10 years. It has been opened for inspection for many times, and the tooth wear is normal, still intact. However, the left lifting gear coupling of A318 gantry crane, which had just been put into production for half a year in 1995, made abnormal noise. After disassembly and inspection, it was found that the gear was seriously worn, which was completely caused by poor lubrication. In view of the erroneous understanding that the purpose of lubrication for some employees is only to make the equipment run faster, to fill more oil rather than less, and to lubricate with oil, the leaders of the door crew trained the employees from the perspective of science and technology, and required the employees to consciously and strictly maintain and manage the equipment in accordance with the lubrication standards

2.3 formulate corresponding reward and punishment measures

take 5% of the monthly bonus of employees as the reward fund for evaluating lubrication work. Reward the employees who implement the standards well according to the portal crane lubrication standards and responsibilities, and impose economic penalties on individual employees who neglect the lubrication work

3 implementation of lubrication work standard

3.1 increase the capital investment in lubrication equipment

o m10-33 and 4 m16-35 gantry cranes successively put into production at the wharf since 1992 are equipped with centralized lubrication system, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the driver oiler

the two M10-30 portal cranes put into use in 1999 were not equipped with centralized lubrication system. The company allocated RMB 40000 to install the centralized lubrication system of multi-point plunger pump on the two portal cranes. The lubrication equipment includes dry oil pneumatic, electric oil injection pump and thin oil pneumatic oil injection pump. In recent years, the company has invested a certain amount of money every year for the purchase of lubrication equipment and technical improvement, which fully reflects the importance attached by leaders to lubrication

3.2 implementation measures for equipment lubrication management

(1) the "five fixed" policy of lubrication management

the "five fixed" specified points, personnel, quality, quantity and cycle of lubrication management. The gantry crane fleet has formulated detailed measures for the implementation of the "five fixed" policy for each gantry crane equipment to ensure that the implementation of the "five fixed"

policy is not a mere formality

(2) monitoring of lubrication points of the centralized lubrication system

in the past, these lubrication points could only be refuelled by manually operating the grease gun, which was not only labor-intensive, but also required to wait for the refueling cycle, and the refueling operation could only be carried out when the maintenance was pending. Now, after the centralized lubrication system of multi-point plunger pump is adopted, the lubrication and maintenance can be carried out during the scheduled maintenance shutdown or during the operation of the gantry crane, which can realize the 24h dynamic lubrication of the gantry crane. The normal operation of centralized lubrication system is directly related to the quality of vehicle lubrication. Therefore, it is necessary to designate a special person (including the captain of the Charter group, the spot inspector, etc.) to be responsible for checking the oil supply at all lubrication points of the centralized lubrication system at any time, with the focus on checking the operation of the centralized lubrication system during the operation of the gantry crane

(3) on site oil monitoring, implement oil change according to quality

in the past, the lubricating oil of the reducer of each mechanism of the gantry crane was replaced at the expiration of the period, with half a year as a cleaning cycle. Due to the different use conditions of the gantry crane, this oil change method will lead to the deterioration of some oil quality, which can not be replaced in time and still be used. On the other hand, it will lead to the waste that the oil quality has not changed significantly after half a year. In view of the above disadvantages, the following measures are proposed: select high-grade heavy load extreme pressure gear oil to replace the previous gear oil, which can be used in winter and summer, and reduce or cancel the traditional seasonal maintenance; Track and test the oil products to achieve the purpose of changing oil according to quality

the driver of the gantry crane needs to observe the operation of the reducer of each mechanism at any time, such as the oil temperature of the reducer, starting performance, operation time, whether oil replenishment is required, etc. If any abnormality is found, it shall be reported in a timely manner. The technical personnel shall determine whether sampling and testing are required, and make on-site monitoring records in a timely manner. While doing a good job of on-site monitoring, it is also necessary to do a good job of regular oil monitoring with a cycle of one year. The on-site monitoring and regular

monitoring are effectively combined to achieve the goal of changing oil according to quality; Lubrication method, so that the equipment is always in the best condition. Regular monitoring means that on the basis of on-site follow-up, samples are taken and tested on a regular basis every year, and the number of tests is arranged as planned. When sampling the reducer of each mechanism of the gantry crane, it is necessary to shut down for 15min. In order to eliminate the influence of the dead angle at the oil drain, 200ml of oil can be drained first, and then the test bottle can be used for sampling. When the oil sample is sent for inspection, four indicators shall be tested: Oil kinematic viscosity, flash point, moisture and impurities. For the points that fail to pass the test, the oil must be changed within a time limit to ensure that the reducer of each mechanism of the gantry crane is well lubricated. After the implementation of oil change according to quality, the gantry crane fleet has never shut down or stopped production of gantry crane equipment due to oil deterioration. By changing oil according to quality, the gantry fleet has achieved remarkable economic results. With regular oil change, each gantry crane consumes about 800kg of gear oil every year on average. After oil change according to quality, each gantry crane consumes only 400kg of oil every year, saving 50% of oil for a single machine. All gantry cranes can reduce the consumption of gear oil by about 10t every year, saving a lot of money for the company. Many years of practice has proved that changing oil according to quality is one of the important means to implement on-site monitoring, which can greatly improve the lubrication quality of gantry crane

(4) special inspection on lubrication of large rotating bearings

lubrication and maintenance of large rotating bearings of m10-33 and m16-35 gantry cranes directly affect the normal operation of the gantry crane. Ignoring the effective monitoring of the lubrication of the large rotating bearing will lead to abnormal damage of the large bearing, resulting in equipment loss and affecting the normal production of the wharf. The company emphasizes to increase the lubrication management of large rotating bearings, ensure the normal operation of the centralized lubrication system, and at the same time, randomly take lubricating oil samples from time to time for analysis, so as to master the wear of large bearings at any time. Due to the importance attached to the lubrication management of the gantry crane, the operation of the large bearings of 27 gantry cranes of Qinhuangdao Port Group Co., Ltd. has always been in good condition

4 conclusion

since 2000, the company's gantry crane fleet has strengthened the gantry crane lubrication management, improved the reliability of DSM's gantry crane operation in increasing the global production capacity of optical fiber and cable materials business, and achieved good economic benefits

(1) after oil change according to quality, 10000kg (n-150) gear oil can be saved for the company every year, equivalent to more than 100000 yuan

(2) compared with the past machine damage accidents caused by lubrication problems, shutdown and shutdown losses, labor costs and repair costs, the company can reduce losses of nearly 100000 yuan per year

(3) due to the strengthened lubrication management of the gantry crane, the annual material cost is reduced by about 40%

(4) monthly intactness rate and utilization rate of single gantry crane equipment have been greatly improved, and the temporary failure rate has been reduced to less than 3%, ensuring the normal production of the wharf

(5) the service life of gantry crane equipment is significantly prolonged. Due to the strengthened lubrication management of the gantry crane, many equipment are still in good condition. The increase of these intangible assets has promoted the loading and unloading production and delayed the equipment renewal time

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