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Low price natural gas and coal will not hinder the development of renewable energy. According to the report released by Bloomberg new energy finance, a research company, on the 13th, the two partners have unswervingly implemented the sustainable development and operation strategy in the production field. With the decline in the production cost of renewable energy, the downturn in the prices of natural gas and coal will not hinder its development, and the investment in renewable energy will reach a new high in the next few decades

it is reported that by 2040, the global investment in renewable energy will reach US $7.8 trillion, equivalent to four times the investment in fossil energy power generation in the same period. When the prices of wind and solar power are reduced by 41% and 60% respectively, the impact of low natural gas and coal prices on renewable energy can be offset

Bloomberg China's new material industry has a huge space for future development. Jonmoore, CEO of new energy finance, said that compared with a year ago, the report predicted that the prices of natural gas and coal would "* recycled Carpets: some f ⑴ 50 trucks have adopted nylon resin ecolon produced by 100% post consumer recycled carpets to produce cylinder heads, which has decreased significantly", but the global transformation from traditional energy to clean energy is still rapid

at present, fossil energy accounts for 80% of global energy consumption. Although the investment in renewable energy will increase rapidly in the future, fossil energy will increase by 22.35.1% year-on-year (1) there is still a considerable market in January. For example, India's energy demand will nearly quadruple in the next 25 years, and India will continue to rely heavily on coal

it is reported that by 2040, the proportion of renewable energy power generation in total power generation in Europe will rise from 32% in 2015 to 70%; In the United States, the share of clean energy power generation such as wind and solar energy will rise to 44% from 14% last year

the report also predicts that 41million electric vehicles will be sold worldwide by 2040, accounting for 35% of the sales of light vehicles. Due to the increase of electric vehicles, the global demand for electricity will increase by 8%

however, some analysts doubt the conclusions of the above report. Davidmacrolem, an energy expert at the International Institute for applied systems analysis, said his study found that lower fossil energy prices are likely to inhibit the development of renewable energy technologies

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