Low PE in the hottest papermaking sector is normal

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It is normal for the paper sector to have a low PE. In 2007, the current inflection point will be

lishixin divides the paper companies into four types based on the valuation factors of the paper industry (which are also the key influencing factors of the company's profits), including the integrated company dominated by Yueyang paper @a surrounding environment industry and Chenming paper industry, the workshop company with technical advantages dominated by Taiyang paper industry, the workshop company with good market dominated by Jingxing paper industry and Shanying paper industry, and Huatai Co., Ltd., Bohui paper industry Silver Pigeon investment and Hengfeng Paper are the workshop companies with excess market. Lishixin gave Yueyang paper a recommended rating and Jingxing paper a cautious recommended rating

in addition, in view of the audience's concern about whether the current paper companies' scramble to seize the upstream forestry resources will cause more competition than fierce competition, lishixin believes that it is not a worry, because 70% of the domestic forest pulp still needs to be imported, and the gap can not be solved within 10 years

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