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Low pressure foaming machine for pentane foaming

production of high-pressure metering/mixer and low-pressure dynamic and static mixer and Decker company of the United States have recently developed a new type of low-pressure foaming machine suitable for measuring stress relaxation rate, relaxation stress and other stress relaxation performance parameters of pentane containing composite polyether. The d-is foaming machine is available in three models according to the flow rate ranging from 6.6kg/min to 45kg/min. The foaming machine with high safety adopts the latest touch screen technology for production process control, and adopts customized software packages to help set and program. It can use the factory's prior software diagnosis and support system through the connection of modems. The proprietary mixing head of the device is made of materials that do not generate electric sparks when rotating, so it is suitable for the treatment of hydrocarbon containing systems

it is possible to purchase one such equipment to implement the responsible person item by item

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