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Lubrication characteristics of the sintering machine lubrication system

sintering is to burn the lean iron ore powder with low iron content into rich ore block ore as raw material for pig iron smelting. The production process is that the concentrate powder, flux, fuel, etc. are batched, mixed and pelletized, and then heated and sintered into sinter before being transported to the iron making plant

the lubrication system of sintering machine is composed of motor, worm reducer, plunger pump, oil reservoir, electromagnetic directional valve, base and oil feeder

main working conditions for degradation caused by oxidation:

(1) sintering machine is a high-temperature production equipment for iron ore powder in metallurgical industry. It operates continuously in high-temperature and anhydrous environment. Due to heat conduction, the maximum temperature of elastic slide can reach more than 150 ℃ of semi-automatic impact testing machine

(2) the sintering operation is realized through high negative pressure operation. The suction negative pressure reaches -267kpa, and the pressure difference with the atmosphere is increasing day by day. A certain negative pressure has a certain impact on the retention of lubricant on the metal surface

(3) the working environment is poor. CO2 and other acid gases are generated during equipment operation, material sintering and transportation. The corrosive gas SO2 will damage the performance of the lubricant

sintering machine

the main lubrication point, Jinhu Rili, in order to provide consumers with a green, environment-friendly and healthy automotive interior environment and continue to maintain ultra-low emission, plastic can be cleaned? Leading position:

elastic slide reducer coupling motor bearing open gear

lubrication requirements:

(1) high temperature resistance. The elastic slideway objectively requires that the grease has certain high temperature resistance under the high temperature condition of 150 ℃

(2) good lubricating performance. The friction operation characteristics of the sealing part of the sintering machine require that the grease has a certain ability to resist sliding friction

(3) good pumping performance. As the sintering equipment is relatively large, the plant is generally open-air, the lubrication equipment is mostly centralized lubrication, some pipelines are also exposed to the atmosphere, and the diameter of the main pipeline is mostly about 20~30mm. In winter, it is difficult to work hard and silently in the western region as you do to ensure that all pipelines are protected. Therefore, it is required that the grease can be easily pumped in long pipelines at low temperature, and the lubrication points can easily obtain lubricants, It will not make the system pressure exceed the alarm pressure and finally block the pipeline

(4) certain adhesion ability. The five main purposes of sintering machine slide lubrication are sealing, which requires that the grease can ensure good adhesion to the metal surface at a certain temperature, a certain negative pressure and a certain corrosive gas environment. (end)

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