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Five minutes to understand the global market in the early bus

five minutes to understand the global market in the early bus

August 2, 2018

U.S. stocks rose or fell. Apple rose nearly 6% to a new high, its market value was close to $trillion, pinduoduo closed down 10% and broke in the session, with a sharp decline of nearly 8%. The yield of U.S. debt rose above 3% for the first time in nearly two months, and the dollar rose

the Federal Reserve did not raise interest rates as scheduled, reiterated its gradual action, and the wording of the economic assessment attracted attention

Tesla's earnings were lower than expected, but its revenue exceeded expectations. The burning of money slowed down, the production of model 3 accelerated, and it may continue to make profits in the second half of the year. It is estimated that the construction cost of Chinese factories is $2billion. With the support of local financing, the share price rose sharply by 11% after hours

ism manufacturing industry in the United States maintained expansion in July, price pressure eased, and new orders were the lowest in a year; ADP employment increased by 219000, far exceeding expectations

since the European Union and the United States reached a trade agreement, the import of soybeans from the United States has doubled

the United States imposed sanctions on two Turkish officials, reaching a new low in lira

the Central Bank of China held a video conference on the work of the second half of the year: implement a prudent monetary policy and control the general gate of money supply

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: if the United States adopts the composite polyurethane adhesive industry as a sub industry of fine chemicals and further upgrades the adhesive industry, China is bound to counter it

China's Caixin manufacturing PMI in July was 50.8, and the growth rate slowed to an eight month low

media: the supervision window guides the trust to speed up the project launch

Guizhou Moutai semi annual report: the growth rate of net profit slowed down, with a year-on-year increase of 40%

the Federal Reserve did not raise interest rates as scheduled, reiterated its gradual action, and said frankly that the U.S. economy was "strong" rarely. After the statement, US stocks fell first and then rose. Finally, the three major stock indexes ended up mixed, with the S & P down 0.1%, the Dow down 0.3% and the NASDAQ up 0.46%. The US dollar index rose and oil prices fell by more than 1%. The yield of 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds rose, hitting 3% during the session. Apple closed up 5.89%, a record closing high, with a market capitalization of more than $990billion. After Tesla announced strong financial results, it rose 11% after hours

US stocks: the S & P 500 fell 0.10%. The Dow Jones fell 0.32%. NASDAQ rose 0.46%

European stocks: FTSE Pan European performance 300 index closed down 0.46%. Germany's DAX 30 index closed down 0.68%. The French CAC 40 index closed down 0.23%

a shares: the Shanghai index closed at 2824.21 points, down 1.80%, with a turnover of 151.7 billion. Shenzhen composite index closed at 9005.37 points, down 1.89%, with a turnover of 176.8 billion. Gem closed at 1542.77 points, down 1.24%, with a turnover of 52.7 billion

Gold: Comex December gold futures fell 0.5% to $1227.60/ounce

crude oil: WTI September crude oil futures fell 1.61% to $67.66/barrel. Brent October crude oil futures fell 2.45% to $72.39/barrel

bitcoin: the CME bitcoin futures BTC contract for September ended down $185, or 2.39%, at $7545. CBOE bitcoin futures XBT September contract closed down $180, down 2.33%, at $7530

the Shanghai index closed down 1.8%, the largest decline in a month. Military stocks accelerated their decline in the afternoon.

A shares fell unilaterally in the afternoon. Dragged down by military and steel stocks, the Shanghai index closed down 1.8% to 2824.53 points, and most infrastructure stocks wiped out the morning gains. The bond market rose in the afternoon, and the main contract of 10-year Treasury bond futures closed up 0.28%

the growth rate of Caixin manufacturing PMI in July slowed to an 8-month low

China's Caixin manufacturing PMI in July was 50.8, expected to be 50.9, the previous value was 51

the central bank held a video conference on the work of the second half of the year: implement a prudent monetary policy and control the general gate of money supply. According to the meeting requirements, the following work should be done in the second half of this year. The first is to implement a prudent monetary policy; the second is to actively and prudently prevent and resolve financial risks; the third is to continue to improve the financial services of small and micro enterprises; the fourth is to further expand financial opening; the fifth is to pay more attention to policy communication with the market; the sixth is to vigorously promote the wind of investigation and research and improve the scientific level of financial macro management

Xinhua News Agency commented on the meeting signal of the Political Bureau: maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity and avoid the impulse to further leverage

for the financial signal released by the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Xinhua News Agency commented that while implementing active fiscal policies, it is necessary to prevent the accumulation and expansion of local debt risks; While maintaining reasonable and sufficient liquidity, we should avoid the impulse to further leverage. We will continue to implement an active fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy, so that fiscal policy can play a greater role in expanding domestic demand and structural adjustment

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: if the United States takes further escalation actions, China is bound to counter it.

China has always advocated dealing with trade frictions between China and the United States through dialogue and consultation. But dialogue must be based on mutual respect and equality, rules and credibility

supervision window guides trust to speed up project launch

21st Century Business Herald learned that recently, supervision window guides some trust companies and other financial institutions to speed up project launch under the conditions of meeting the new asset management regulations and implementation rules. This window guidance is given to institutions such as trusts in the form of official documents

Guizhou Moutai semi annual report: the growth rate of net profit slowed down, with a year-on-year increase of 40%

Guizhou Moutai disclosed that the semi annual report showed that the operating revenue was 33.397 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 38.06%; The net profit was 15.764 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40.12%. In contrast, in the first half of last year, the operating revenue and profit of Kweichow Moutai increased by 49.81% and 60.47% year-on-year respectively

in July, the U.S. manufacturing industry maintained expansion, and the price pressure eased. New orders fell to a one-year low

the ISM manufacturing index in July was 58.1, lower than the expected 59.3. However, it has been above the 50 boom and bust line for 23 consecutive months, indicating that the U.S. manufacturing industry continues to expand. The price payment index fell, and the new order index fell to a new low for more than a year. The interviewed manufacturers have expressed "overwhelming" concerns about the negative impact of tariffs for three consecutive months

the number of ADP employees in the United States increased by 219000 in July, far more than expected

affected by the surge in employment in the manufacturing and construction industries, the number of ADP employees in the United States increased by 219000 in July, far more than the expected 186000 to carry such a large customer group of 10000. The commentary said that due to the impact of tax cuts and increased government spending, the employment market was in a prosperous state, and there was no sign of a slowdown in the labor market

the Federal Reserve did not raise interest rates as scheduled. It reiterated that it was rare to take incremental action and bluntly said that the U.S. economy was "strong"

the Federal Reserve said it expected that further gradual interest rate increases would be consistent with economic activity, employment and inflation. The Fed statement mentioned the word "strong" five times, commented that "U.S. economic activity is rising at a strong rate", and deleted the word "steady" growth in the statement of the last meeting

Tesla rose 11% after hours! Money burning slows down, model production accelerates, and profits may continue in the second half of the year.

Tesla once rose 11% after hours. Previously released financial reports showed that the company lost more than expected, but its revenue was better than expected. Tesla's money burning rate slowed down, while the production of model 3 accelerated, and it is expected to continue to make profits in the second half of the year. CEO's global natural graphite production in 2013 was 1.19 million tons. Musk said he apologized for the poor performance at the previous press conference

media: Tesla plans to invest $5billion in Chinese factories

Bloomberg said on August 1 that Tesla plans to invest $5billion in Chinese factories and is considering raising funds in China. According to the Special Administrative Measures for foreign investment access (negative list) (2018 version) implemented on July 28, China has officially allowed wholly foreign-owned enterprises to build new energy vehicle plants in China

since the European Union reached a trade agreement with the United States, the import of soybeans from the United States by the European Union has doubled

in the five weeks ended July 30, Europe imported 360000 tons of American soybeans from the United States, accounting for 37% of the U.S. soybean market, as much as three times the level of the same period last year. Last week, Europe and the United States reached a zero tariff agreement, and the European Union agreed to a series of measures, including importing more soybeans

the United States is preparing to impose economic sanctions on Turkey. The lira fell to a record low.

on Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that the United States has prepared a list of targets for sanctions against Turkey. According to the news, the Turkish Lira fell sharply against the dollar, breaking the psychological threshold of 5 to 4.9979, a record low. Turkey Ishare MSCI ETF also fell

China - regions and industries

1. Military civilian integration recently, the office of the central military civilian integration development commission, together with the National Standards Commission, the equipment development department of the Military Commission and the Bureau of science, technology and industry for national defense, held a deployment meeting in Beijing to coordinate and promote standardized military civilian integration. The meeting reviewed and approved the overall plan for comprehensively promoting standardized military civilian integration, and studied and deployed the next work tasks. It is clear that it will take three to five years to basically eliminate the cross duplication and contradiction of military and civilian standards, the old standards will be updated in a timely manner, the military and civilian general standards will be effectively supplied, the new standards in key areas will have a military and civilian generalization rate of more than 60%, and a military and civilian general standard system with military civilian convergence, lean, efficient and compatible development will be initially established to effectively ensure the implementation of the military civilian integration development strategy

comments: through sorting out and analyzing the current situation and future development direction of civil military integration at home and abroad, the three fields of autonomous control, Beidou navigation and aviation manufacturing have investment potential, and related companies include jingjiawei, China satellite, AVIC aircraft, etc

2. Huawei concept | the latest report of IDC, a market research organization, shows that in the second quarter of 2018, Huawei's market share increased from 11% in the same period last year to 15.8%, surpassing apple for the first time and becoming the world's second largest intelligent manufacturer after Samsung Electronics. This is the first time in eight years that Huawei has ascended to the second place in the world

comments: among A-share listed companies, feirongda has obtained the supply qualification of all plastic product lines of Huawei; Guanghong technology said on the interactive platform that the company is a core supplier of Huawei, and its service fields include intelligent terminal products (including intelligence) and network equipment; Tongxingda said on the interactive platform that Huawei is a brand with a high proportion of the company's product application intelligence series and an important core customer of the company

3. General aviation | the Ministry of transport held a meeting on July 31 to study and deploy to accelerate the high-quality development of civil aviation. The meeting proposed to deepen the supply side structural reform of the civil aviation industry, give full play to the leading role of civil aviation in creating a comprehensive and three-dimensional comprehensive transportation interconnection pattern, accelerate the construction of three world-class airport clusters and regional hub airports, and actively serve the construction of modern comprehensive transportation system. The "national civil transport airport layout plan" issued last year pointed out that by 2025, 136 new airports will be added, and three world-class airport clusters will be built in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The coordinated development of airports in the East, central and western regions will be coordinated, with emphasis on increasing the number of airports in the central and western regions, and adjacent regions will be encouraged to break the division of administrative divisions and jointly build shared airports

comments: in terms of investment targets, it is recommended to pay attention to listed companies related to civil aviation infrastructure equipment. Weihai Guangtai is the leader of airport ground equipment, and has signed strategic cooperation agreements with capital airport and Hebei airport, which will benefit from the sustainable development of the aviation industry; Sichuan University Zhisheng is the leader of air traffic control system and has developed a new generation of smart digital tower system

4. Thermal power | recently, many places in China have experienced continuous high temperature weather. According to the state power Beijing electric power company, the city's maximum power load reached a record high of 22.675 million KW on July 31, of which the cooling load accounted for about 50%. At the same time, the price of thermal coal is not booming in the peak season

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