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The morning bus took five minutes to understand the global market, the morning bus took five minutes to understand the global market, and the morning bus took five minutes to understand the global market. On June 19, 2018, the U.S. stock market was weak. The Dow fell 100 points, the fifth consecutive day of decline, and the NASDAQ rose slightly; Square was licensed by the state of New York for digital currency trading, and bitcoin rose by more than $200 in the short term

according to the media, OPEC is discussing increasing production by 10000 barrels/day, which is lower than the expectation of 10000 barrels, and the oil distribution increased by 2.6%

from June 1 to 18, 618 placed an order of 159.2 billion yuan, and Google took a stake in with us $550 million. rose 5% and closed up 0.4% before the market

the first day of the New York Fed chairman: the US economy is in good condition and inflation is close to the target

the CEO of Audi was arrested due to the Volkswagen inspection door, which is the highest level official arrested since the incident

Malaysian Prime Minister meets with Jack Ma: welcome Chinese enterprises to invest

Xinhua commentary: to end the war with war, we have to do it

the latest statement of the people's Bank of China: the overall level of bond default rate is not high, and the liquidity is reasonable and stable

Huayi Brothers: Wang Zhongjun will increase his holdings by at least 100million yuan in the next year

the Dow closed down 102 points, falling for five consecutive trading days. The S & P fell 0.21%, and the Nasdaq was basically flat. The increase in production discussed by OPEC was less than expected, and the oil distribution rose by 2.5%. Square got the New York state digital currency trading license, and bitcoin rose. Emerging markets continued to be slaughtered, the Argentine Peso hovered at record lows, and the South African rand fell 2%

market close

US stocks: the S & P 500 fell 0.21%, NASDAQ rose 0.01%, and the Dow Jones fell 0.41%

European stocks: FTSE Pan European performance 300 index closed down 0.79%. Germany's DAX 30 index closed down 1.36%. The French CAC 40 index closed down 0.93%. Italy's FTSE MIB index closed down 0.40%. Spain's ibex 35 index fell 0.87%

Gold: Comex August gold futures closed up 0.1% to $1280.10/ounce, down 1.8% on Friday

crude oil: WTI crude oil futures rose 1.21% to $65.85/barrel. Brent crude oil futures rose 2.59% to $75.34/barrel

bitcoin: the contract of CME bitcoin futures BTC expiring on July 18 closed up $155, up about 2.4% to $6735. CBOE bitcoin futures XBT contract expiring on July 18 closed up $175, up about 2.7% to $6710

the latest statement of the central bank: the overall level of bond default rate is not high, and the liquidity is reasonable and stable

although there have been some substantive default events, the recent new defaults are generally dotted, and there is no trend of risk concentration. It is a reflection of strengthening market discipline and orderly breaking the rigid payment. The overall level of bond default rate is not high

Xinhua commentary: to end the war with war, the Xinhua News Agency article said that China has noticed that the United States said that if China takes retaliatory measures, the United States will also increase tariffs. China will not shrink back in the face of the U.S. intimidation logic. It is reported that China is fully prepared for the next step

618 the latest record and Google's positive stake failed to continue, and closed up slightly.

as of 24:00 on the 18th, the classification of 6 material testing machines was relatively cumbersome. In June, the amount of outbound orders for's global Mid Year Shopping Festival increased by more than 37% year-on-year. China concept shares rose 5% in the east of Beijing and opened 3% higher. They once fell and closed up 0.39%. Earlier, announced that Google would acquire about 27million newly issued class a ordinary shares of with a shareholding of 0.93% for us $550million, and the two sides became strategic partners

Huayi Brothers: Wang Zhongjun will increase his holdings by at least 100million yuan in the next year

according to the closing price of last Friday, Wang Zhongjun has pledged more than 550 million shares of Huayi Brothers in the past few years, with a current value of more than 3.5 billion yuan

Malaysian Prime Minister meets with Jack Ma: welcome Chinese enterprises to invest

Mahathir said that Malaysia must learn from China, and also said that it must visit China and strengthen the relationship between Malaysia and China

the new chairman of the New York Fed takes office: the U.S. economy is in good condition, inflation is close to the target

the first Evonik's business covers more than 100 countries around the world. John Williams, chairman of the New York Fed, said: "the U.S. economy is in good condition. We are in the second longest expansion cycle in history." "The economic data of the United States and other countries in the world continue to show an upward trend. As a policy maker, such steady growth, strong labor market and inflation close to our goals are exactly what I want to see," he said

Volkswagen test gate fermentation Audi CEO steed was arrested

German Volkswagen's Audi CEO steed was arrested on suspicion of covering up evidence in the diesel engine emissions fraud investigation. This is the highest level official arrested in the investigation of Volkswagen "test gate" scandal

OPEC discussed that the increase in production was not as large as expected, and the oil price rose sharply

OPEC members are discussing increasing production by 10000 barrels/day, in order to seek a compromise to overcome Iran's different opinions. This number is lower than the previous market expectation of million barrels. Oil distribution closed up 2.6% on Monday, while oil prices also fell sharply in the session earlier due to the impact of the Sino US trade war and the expected increase in production at the OPEC meeting

square obtained the New York state digital currency trading license. Bitcoin jumped in the short term

on Monday, square, an electronic payment system company, obtained the New York state digital currency trading license. The CEO of the company sent a message on twitter, confirming this news. Subsequently, the price of digital currency rose, and bitcoin returned to above $6500. Earlier on Monday, BIS, known as the "Central Bank of the central bank", pointed out in its latest report that bitcoin would collapse the entire Internet, and the intraday trend of digital currency was sluggish

On June 15, the White House issued a statement on Sino US trade, imposing a 25% tariff on 1102 products totaling $50billion. On the 16th, the Tariff Commission of the State Council of China decided to impose an additional 25% tariff on 659 imported goods of about US $50billion originating in the United States. This means that the United States has officially provoked a Sino US trade war. Experts said that this time the nature is different. If it was still the stage of trade friction before, it means that the first battle of the Sino US trade war is about to start. China's counter-measures against the United States are divided into $34billion of early-stage counter-measures projects and $16billion of pending counter-measures projects. The $34billion early reaction projects are mainly concentrated in the fields of aquatic products, fruits and dried fruits, livestock and poultry meat, fresh vegetables, animal products, etc., and the $160 anti reaction projects are mainly concentrated in the fields of light oil distillates, polymers, coal and products, fuel oil, etc

comments: considering that the United States has previously said that if China opposes, it will increase sanctions, and the future trade war is likely to continue to escalate. For the A-share market, the shares of listed companies involved in relevant counter-measures may usher in trading opportunities. For example, after the import opportunity of modified fuel ethanol in the United States becomes zero, domestic fuel ethanol ushers in the opportunity. You can pay attention to COFCO biochemical, epoxy resin is included in the tax, and you can pay attention to the relevant domestic manufacturer akoli; In terms of agricultural products, we can pay attention to the soybean producer Beidahuang

2. New retail | on June 18, JD group and Google announced that Google would invest $550 million in JD in cash, and the two sides would form a broad strategic partnership. Google and will cooperate on a series of strategic projects, one of which is to jointly develop retail solutions in many regions around the world, including Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe

comments: combined with JD's expertise in supply chain and logistics and Google's technical advantages, the two sides will work together to explore and create next-generation retail infrastructure solutions to provide consumers with a valuable, personalized, smooth and convenient shopping experience. Among the A-share listed companies, Zhongchang data acquired Yunke technology for 1billion yuan to build a global digital marketing network. Its customer groups include, today's headlines, Alibaba, Weibo, etc. Yatong is mainly engaged in supply chain management services, and is an important customer of the company

3. Domestic chips | the Summit Forum on "focusing on high-end chips to form autonomous and controllable industrial clusters" held on the 15th posted that the Shanghai integrated circuit industry investment fund has completed an investment of more than 20billion yuan, with a total scale of 50billion yuan. In 2017, the sales scale of Shanghai's integrated circuit industry increased by more than 12% year-on-year, close to 120billion yuan. Shanghai has set a goal to strive to exceed 200billion yuan in industrial scale by 2020. On the other hand, the localization process of chip research and development in China has also made significant progress in recent years: at the 8th World radar Expo, which opened on the 14th, the "Huarui 2" chip independently developed by the 14th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group was made public for the first time, and its comprehensive processing performance is better than the international mainstream DSP chip; The 14 nanometer manufacturing process of SMIC, the domestic foundry leader, is now close to the completion of research and development, and the yield of trial production has reached 95%, which is a step closer to the goal of mass production in 2019

comments: the integrated circuit industry is highly technology and capital intensive. With policy support and capital investment, China is closing the gap with the international advanced level and gradually occupying the industrial strategic highland. Domestic chip sealing and testing leader Changdian technology, DRAM memory leader Zhaoyi innovation, etcher and other equipment leaders northern Huachuang have attracted the attention of many institutions

4. Pig raising | the monthly data of pig stocks released by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas recently showed that the number of fertile sows in May decreased by 2.5% month on month and 3.9% year on year; The number of live pigs on hand decreased by 1.9% month on month and 2% year-on-year. From April to may, the number of fertile sows continued to decline, and the decline in May was further expanded, indicating that the continued low price of pigs increased the number of sows eliminated. The agency believes that considering the continuous seasonal tight supply of pigs, especially the standard weight pigs, it is expected that the manufacturing center will be located in the Alcoa technology center outside Pittsburgh after late June, and the pig price is expected to accelerate the rebound, and the rebound height is expected to reach about 13 yuan/kg. Recently, the average price of pigs in China rose slightly, reaching 11.4 yuan/kg

comments: Although the scale of China's pig breeding market has reached more than trillion, the market share of the top five pig breeding enterprises is only about 5%. Under the wave of large-scale development, the industry concentration is expected to further improve. Among listed companies, companies such as muyuan Co., Ltd. and Wenshi Co., Ltd. are industry leaders

5. IOT | according to media reports, on June 15, Beijing Unicom announced that the new generation of IOT NB IOT was officially commercial. In the target planning, in the first stage, as of May 17, 2018, before the international telecommunication day, Beijing Unicom has completed the construction and opening of about 5000 900MHz NB networks; In the second stage, nearly 10000 NB IOT narrowband IOT base stations will be opened by the end of 2018

comments: with the rise of Nb IOT technology standard to national strategic planning, the application of various vertical industries continues to mature, and the Nb IOT industry will usher in an explosion period in 2018. Mitigawa wisdom leads the commercial scale of Nb IOT, and Nb IOT ultrasonic remote water meter has passed the NMI certification in Australia. The golden card smart NB IOT smart gas meter has been officially sold

6. Solid state lithium batteries | Japan's new energy industry technology comprehensive development agency announced recently that some enterprises and academic institutions in the country will jointly develop the next generation of all solid state lithium batteries for electric vehicles in the next five years, and strive to be applied to the new energy vehicle industry as soon as possible. The total investment of the project is expected to be 10billion yen. 23 automobile, battery and material enterprises such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Panasonic, as well as 15 academic institutions such as Kyoto University and Japan Institute of physics and chemistry, will participate in the research. It is planned to fully master the relevant technologies of all solid-state batteries by 2022


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