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The morning bus takes five minutes to understand the global market, the morning bus takes five minutes to understand the global market, and the morning bus takes five minutes to understand the global market. On November 12, 2018, the important news of 2018's double 11 ended: tmall's turnover reached a record high of 213.5 billion yuan, an increase of 27% year-on-year. Zhang Yong said that beauty, cosmetics, health care, health care products and other products that improve the quality of life are selling well, Health food is the first choice for overseas shopping

the second round of the China US diplomatic security dialogue was held in Washington, D.C.

the third quarter monetary policy implementation report of the people's Bank of China: delete the statements such as "insisting on not engaging in flood type strong stimulus", "strengthening the market to determine the exchange rate", "effectively controlling the macro leverage ratio and credit risk in key areas"

Li Keqiang: in view of the difficulty and high cost of financing of private enterprises, the financial sector should take the initiative, The Ministry of finance should "stand up"

the first after the encouragement of the three ministries and commissions: the use of EVA share repurchase is changed to be intended for equity incentives, Fuxiang shares, Wanda information, etc. announced the repurchase

official media collective briefing: the "first five year plan" target is not a hard assessment index. For new corporate loans, it is only an industry-oriented index, and it will not require every bank to meet the

vaccine law for comments, Vigorously protect vaccinators: a maximum fine of 10 times the value of the goods will be imposed, which can be called the strictest in history

justice minister Fu Zhenghua: effectively prevent simple and rough practices such as "one size fits all" against private enterprises in law enforcement; Ning Jizhe, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission: launch the fourth batch of mixed reform pilot projects as soon as possible

focus interview reveals the chaos of we media: the information technology office will carry out special rectification activities for we media and severely punish illegal accounts according to law and regulations

trump will be absent from a series of Asian meetings this Monday, and the vice president will act on his behalf

media: Saudi Arabia is discussing the proposal to reduce opec+ production by up to 1million barrels/day

Market Overview after a few days, US stocks have fallen sharply again. On Friday, the S & P fell 0.92%, the Dow fell 200 points, and the NASDAQ fell 1.65%. Netflix fell 4.5%, Amazon fell 2.4%, Tesla fell 0.25% China paint China paint. Chinese stocks fell sharply, Alibaba fell 2.77%, and Weibo fell more than 7%. Oil prices fell for 10 consecutive years, the longest decline cycle in 34 years. The US dollar rose and 10-year US Treasury yields fell

the market closed at US stocks: last Friday, the S & P 500 index closed down 0.92%. The Dow Jones fell 0.77%. NASDAQ fell 1.65%

European stocks: FTSE Pan European performance 300 index closed down 0.36%. Germany's DAX 30 index closed up 0.02%. The French CAC 40 index closed down 0.48%. The UK FTSE 100 index closed down 0.49%

a shares: the Shanghai index closed at 2598.87 points, down 1.39%, with a turnover of 121.3 billion. Shenzhen composite index closed at 7648.55 points, down 0.64%, with a turnover of 153 billion. Gem closed at 1322.83 points, down 0.51%, with a turnover of 43.2 billion

Gold: Comex December gold futures fell 1.4% to $1208.60/ounce, the lowest close since October 10, and fell 2.0% for the whole week

crude oil: WTI December crude oil futures fell 0.79%, falling for the 10th consecutive trading day, the longest consecutive decline since 1984, to $60.19/barrel. Brent crude oil futures for January ended down 0.67% to $70.18/barrel

bitcoin: the December contract of CME bitcoin futures BTC fell $75, or 1.17%, to $6335, down 0.16% for the whole week. CBOE bitcoin futures XBT December contract closed down $107.50, down 1.67%, to $6315, down 0.51% for the week

details of highlights: the transaction volume of tmall reached 213.5 billion yuan, a new record high

This nationwide shopping Carnival finally came to an end. The final transaction volume of tmall was set at 213.5 billion yuan, which was the first time that tmall exceeded the 200 billion mark since the founding of the double 11 Shopping Festival. Good news also came from other platforms. From the cumulative data from November 1 to 11, the cumulative order amount of jd.11 global good things Festival reached 159.8 billion, also setting a new record. On the day of the double 11, the transaction volume of e-koala exceeded 100 million yuan after 229 seconds, surpassing the whole day level of last year after 78 minutes; Suning took 97 minutes and its sales exceeded that of the whole day last year

Liu he met with former US Secretary of state Kissinger

Liu he said that Dr. Kissinger has made important historical contributions to the development of China US relations for a long time. Maintaining the overall stability of China US relations is in the fundamental interests of the two countries, their peoples and even the whole world. The grinding surface of the medium sample and the polishing disc should be absolutely parallel and evenly pressed on the polishing disc. The United States and the United States should properly handle the problems in the fields of economy and trade under the guidance of the consensus of the two heads of state and on the principle of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit

the second round of China US diplomatic security dialogue was held in Washington, D.C.

both sides believed that the consensus reached by the two heads of state in the recent call should be effectively implemented, and the economic teams of the two countries should be supported to strengthen contacts, carry out consultations on issues of concern to both sides, and promote the conclusion of a mutually acceptable plan

Li Keqiang: we should encourage the financial sector to take the initiative. As the Ministry of finance, we should "stand up"

Li Keqiang stressed that we should broaden financing channels, stimulate the endogenous motivation of financial institutions, and solve the problems of unwilling to lend and afraid to lend. Clarify the recognition standards of credit due diligence exemption, guide financial institutions to appropriately delegate credit approval authority, and link the loan business of small and micro enterprises with internal assessment, salary, etc

solicit opinions on the vaccine law and vigorously protect vaccinators: a maximum fine of 10 times the value of the goods will be imposed, which can be called the strictest in history

on the evening of November 11, the State Administration of market supervision posted the "draft for comments on the vaccine management law" to solicit opinions from the public. In the opinion of insiders, the introduction of the draft of the vaccine management law is fast. The exposure draft of the vaccine management law has raised the vaccine to the position of national security. On the whole, it has eliminated the market's concerns about the prospects of vaccine listed companies, implemented more comprehensive and strict supervision on adverse reactions and quality of vaccines, and implemented more comprehensive protection for the rights and interests of vaccinators

the first rescue special bond in Zhejiang Province is about to be issued and approved to go through the "green channel"

according to securities firm China, the first rescue special bond in Zhejiang Province underwritten by Zheshang securities is about to be issued. The issuer Taizhou Financial Investment Co., Ltd. plans to issue no more than 500million bonds to support the relief of the liquidity pressure of listed companies, and will carry out bookkeeping and filing on November 13. According to incomplete statistics, this is not only the first one in Zhejiang Province, but also the fourth one in China. Previously, the regulation established a "green channel" for the review of special bonds. Shenzhen, Beijing and Fujian have issued 1billion, 800million and 1.5 billion special relief bonds respectively. Plus, the cumulative fund-raising scale of Taizhou financial special bonds this time will reach 3.8 billion yuan

the first after the three ministries and commissions issued a document to encourage! The purpose of the shares repurchased by EVA Co., Ltd. was changed to be used for equity incentives

on the evening of the 11th, EVA Co., Ltd. announced that the purpose of the shares repurchased by the company would be adjusted from "to be cancelled" to "to be used for equity incentives". Previously, the CSRC, the Ministry of Finance and the SASAC jointly issued a document to encourage listed companies to repurchase shares for equity incentives and employee stock ownership plans. That night, Fuxiang shares, Wanda information and other companies announced repurchases

hot money is trying to return to the market, and oral guidance and warning letters are decreasing.

according to China Securities, on October 30, the official of the CSRC issued a statement during the trading session, saying that it would optimize trading supervision and enhance market liquidity. This news generated strong repercussions among hot money groups. In the past week, hot money tried to return to the market. Although the "demon stock theory" made them feel pressure, their existence also provided valuable liquidity for the market. Many activists, mainly in short-term trading, said that after a week of operation, they found that the number of oral instructions and warning letters they received was indeed decreasing

three front pages: "the first five year plan" target non mandatory assessment indicators

the front pages of China Securities News, Shanghai Securities News and Securities Times quoted regulators as saying that the "first five year plan" target is only for new corporate loans; The second is the industry direction index, which will not be specific to the unit price banks, nor will it require each bank to meet. The regulatory department said that this goal has been carefully demonstrated and calculated, and it is operable, and the regulatory department will also fully communicate with the market according to the changes in the market environment, and actively and steadily promote it

focus interview reveals the chaos of we media: not everyone can edit, copy, and spray if they want

in the next step, the information technology office will carry out special rectification activities of we media, punish illegal accounts in accordance with the law and regulations, resolutely curb the chaos of we media, resolutely maintain the normal communication order of the network, and strive to create a clean, positive, healthy and orderly network space

the central bank deleted "insist on not engaging in flood type strong stimulus", suggesting that exchange rate control will be strengthened

the Central Bank of China released the third quarter monetary policy implementation report on Friday. Compared with the second quarter report, it deleted the policy guidance that has been throughout the financial field in the past, such as deleting "control the general gate of money supply, insist on not engaging in flood type strong stimulus", "increase the strength of the market to determine the exchange rate" "Effectively control macro leverage and credit risks in key areas, actively resolve shadow banking risks, safely handle risks of various financial institutions, and comprehensively clean up and rectify the financial order"

Minister of Justice: earnestly prevent simple and rude practices such as "one size fits all" against private enterprises in law enforcement

Minister of justice Fu Zhenghua said that education should be given priority to the general illegal acts in the operation of private enterprises, and we should not blindly punish them; For general illegal acts of private enterprises and personnel, measures such as sealing up, detention and freezing shall be used with caution

Ning Jizhe, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission: create a better development environment for the private economy

Ning Jizhe said that on the basis of deepening and implementing the first three batches of 50 Mixed reform pilots, the fourth batch of pilots will be launched as soon as possible; Focus on fully competitive industries and fields, and encourage the development of mixed ownership enterprises controlled by non-public capital; Explore a new mode of state-owned assets supervision applicable to "mixed reform" enterprises

record high! As of the third quarter report, the goodwill of A-share listed companies reached 1.45 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.18% year-on-year and 4.05% month on month, breaking through 1.4 trillion yuan for the first time in the history of A-share. More importantly, some individual stock goodwill accounts for a high proportion of assets, with 149 shares accounting for more than 30% of assets, 64 shares accounting for more than 40% of assets, and 21 shares accounting for more than 50% of assets; The goodwill of five shares, including Xingpu medical, Shunli office, Zhongying Internet, Gaosheng holdings and Xunyou technology, accounted for more than 60% of assets

LETV sports fund chain is broken: more than 4billion funds have been misappropriated, sun Honglei and Liu Tao's investment has been watered down

now, LETV has no time for itself, which means that it is difficult for LETV sports shareholders to claim back the cost, and the investment of stars such as Liu Tao, Wang Baoqiang, Zhou Xun and sun Honglei will also be watered down. The daily economy also pointed out that this may be Wang Sicong's most frustrated (and possibly the most failed) investment so far

mushroom Street submits a prospectus in the United States: Tencent raised up to $200million as the largest shareholder, and

mushroom Street officially submitted an IPO prospectus to the sec. (2) although the tortuous experimental position of the cylinder down universal experimental machine is relatively low, it applied to be listed on the New York Stock exchange, and the main underwriters are Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Huaxing capital. In the first half of fiscal 2019, the income of mushroom street was 490million yuan; According to non GAAP, the net loss was 186million yuan. At present, Tencent is the largest shareholder of mushroom street, with a shareholding of 18%


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