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: Laizhou miscellaneous copper rice machine wire beating copper rice profit

: Laizhou miscellaneous copper rice machine wire beating copper rice profit

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: Laizhou miscellaneous copper rice machine wire beating copper rice profit

automatic copper rice machine can separate aluminum-plastic plates Any mixture of metal and plastic, such as leftover and packaging materials, covers, aluminum-plastic pipes, waste cables, circuit boards, etc. Help e-waste to be recycled, reduce the pollution of e-waste to the environment, and make waste waste waste get new value at the same time. It is a new type of environmental protection equipment in environmental protection projects. The recycling industry of waste wires and cables has developed rapidly in recent years, but the copper wire obtained from the traditional treatment of waste wires and cables can only be used as waste copper, and it still needs smelting, electrolysis and other processes to become raw copper. Copper rice machine processing waste wires and cables is a relatively good skill. Since the 1980s in the United States and other industrial developed countries, Hengyu machinery's copper rice machine has been used to treat waste wires and cables with good results, and the separated materials can directly enter the market. The copper rice particles processed by the copper rice machine can better enter the market. The physical separation of copper rice machine is a small miscellaneous line of environmental pollution. The copper rice machine is a treatment equipment for waste wires and cables. It first breaks the waste wires and cables, then separates the powder and metal by air flow and allows customers to use more assured specific gravity. After dust collection, copper and plastic can be completely separated, so as to achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization, And there is no dust overflow during the treatment process, which will not cause secondary pollution. Copper rice machine is able to process all kinds of waste wires with a diameter of mm, such as electric roads, cables, miscellaneous wires, communication wires, data wires, headphone wires, etc

the standard series of energy-saving and environment-friendly aluminum-plastic separation and recovery equipment (electrostatic separator) is an energy-saving and environment-friendly electrostatic separation equipment developed by our company on the basis of various electrostatic separation technologies. Through years of experiments and theoretical analysis, the separation effect is good, and the impurities after separation can be less than 1, that is, the separation efficiency can be up to 99. There will be some negative information more or less in the development and evolution of anything or products. We can learn from it that the interests of consumers have been damaged. Why does this happen? We take the copper rice machine equipment with hot sales in the market as an example to carry out a series of analysis. Quality problems: with the increase of manufacturers, quality problems can not be guaranteed, so that users do not know what to choose; Illegal businesses come into being: illegal businesses see a huge space for the development of this equipment in the market, and vigorously promote it in the network. This way, they buy and sell equipment to users through intermediaries, so that users can not get service guarantee in the later stage; Malicious price reduction: the equipment itself has certain cost control. If the sample is clamped correctly, it will also affect the test results. If the price is lower than the cost, there will be a loss. Unscrupulous businesses and non regular manufacturers lower the price to attract the attention of users, so as to achieve a large number of sales; Covet cheapness: users find that the prices of equipment products are different on the Internet, and then get to know several companies at will

1. The structure is compact, the appearance is beautiful, and the layout is reasonable. The equipment adopts integrated design, which can be produced without assembly and direct debugging; With PLC control, the equipment can feed evenly and operate intelligently. The feeding frequency of the front end can be automatically adjusted according to the working load of the back end, so that the system will not stop due to overload. The operation is simple and time-saving; The crusher adopts the counter roll type, with low speed, high torque, large output, low noise and simple operation. The rotor of the pulverizer adopts an alternating knife shaft, which makes the pulverizer have high production efficiency, low noise and stable operation. The separation rate of air separation equipment is as high as 9799. The grinding tool is made of alloy steel with high hardness, which is wear-resistant and impact resistant, and has a long service life; The whole system is sealed and multi-level dust is filtered and collected, which does not pollute the environment. Wide range of application, wire diameter 0 Mm wires and cables can be used, and the length is unlimited. The whole set of automatic copper rice machine equipment can crush the scrap wire metal, and reach a strategic cooperation principle with Funeng technology for the new nylon composite material at the separation of copper, aluminum, iron and plastic. To purchase copper rice machines, we first need to know the two classifications of copper rice machines and understand their respective advantages: dry copper rice machines: all commercial aviation industries that do not need to add water in the sorting process continue to use advanced composite copper rice machines in a larger proportion in each new generation aircraft. Air flow separator, air shaking table or electrostatic separation are mainly used for separation. The main technological process is: crushing - Air Separation - (electrostatic separation) - dust collection. The advantages are environmental protection, no burning, no washing, no chemistry, complete mechanical and physical separation, the whole production process uses the pulse dust collection system, no dust pollution, and the recovery process is especially high for the recovery rate of metal. The separation of copper and plastic fibers can make the recovery rate of copper reach more than 99%. Wet copper rice machine: as the name suggests, adding water in the sorting process is also a relatively traditional method. Its main process flow is: crushing and (adding water) - gravity shaking table (adding water). Because water is used in the production process, this method has caused a small amount of secondary pollution to the environment in general

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