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Novacel develops a new solvent-free polyester protective film

novacel is a world leading company in the field of surface protection. The products produced by the company make the protection scheme of the laminate market more diversified. Among the "novacel9230 series" products, the company introduces innovative technology to show the company's desire to produce more environmentally friendly products

this polyester protective film is transparent and colorless, with a thickness of 25 μ m. It is used to protect the smooth surface of laminated materials, and its design function is to withstand high temperature late forming. The innovation of this product lies in the use of a new solvent-free adhesive produced by a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process

the most important manufacturer in this field has used this new product on an industrialized scale, thereby reducing the amount of solvent discharged into the atmosphere

9230 protective film is an ideal advertising medium, which can be printed with company logo, trademark or various advertisements or technical information

since the protective film will not be dirty in the process of use, it can be incinerated or recycled in the pilot production of low iron aluminum. Requirements for the utilization of universal tensile testing machine fixture: similarly, packaging materials and reels can also be recycled or reused. Novacel has taken these measures to reduce the impact on the environment because the relevant report data shows that in order to implement the dynamic collection of sustainable development, we are encouraged to develop policies that can deal with our own material exhibitions when they are not needed

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