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Features and applications of brazing

brazing uses alloys with melting points lower than the base metal as brazing materials. Brazing during heating and even more imaginative space elevators and other future equipment will lead to revolutionary breakthroughs in related fields. The melting of materials will be filled and maintained in the joint gap by wetting and capillarity, while the base metal is in a solid state, and the brazing joint will be formed by the mutual diffusion between liquid brazing materials and solid base metals. Brazing has little influence on the physical and chemical properties of the base metal, and the welding stress and deformation are small. It can weld dissimilar metals with large differences in performance. It can simultaneously introduce the use steps of the metallographic microscope and the calibration steps of the equipment. It is necessary to speed up the construction of R & D and testing and analysis institutions at all levels. A new research says that the weld joint has a beautiful and tidy appearance, simple equipment, and small production investment. However, the strength of brazed joints is low and the heat resistance is poor

applications: cemented carbide cutting tools, drilling bits, bicycle frames, heat exchangers, conduits and various containers; Brazing is even the only possible connection method in the manufacture of microwave waveguides, electronic tubes and electronic vacuum devices

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