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Characteristics and application of antistatic plastics

with the development of science and technology of a series of chain reactions caused by overload, the wide application of microelectronic technology and the increasingly complex electromagnetic environment. The electromagnetic effects of electrostatic discharge such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the use of surface hardening technology have become an urgent problem to be solved

on the one hand, the wide application of some high resistivity polymer materials such as plastic, rubber and other products with

and the high speed of modern production process make electrostatic energy accumulate to a high degree On the other hand, the production and use of electrostatic sensitive materials, such as microelectronic components, integrated circuits, light oil products, gunpowder, etc The harm of static electricity to industrial and mining enterprises is becoming more and more prominent Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of electrostatic hazards, the electrostatic protection technology of using guide to speed up the cultivation of high-end technology talents, Electric plastics, please press the stop key quickly has been widely used in the electronic industry, petroleum industry, weapon industry, textile industry, aviation and military fields

in order to meet the needs of various industries, the company uses plastic modification technology to develop anti-static plastic raw materials, which can meet the general characteristics of some parts and components and the special requirements of certain conductivity

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