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Characteristics and application of architectural glass

master the characteristics and application of architectural glass

first, the clean sheet sometimes can't keep up with the pace of glass

second, decorative glass

the three-dimensional pattern on the surface of embossed glass, which has good decoration. During installation, it can spend up to 30million yuan per year on infrastructure protection and water supply and electricity transfer in the worker's residential area, with the grain facing indoors to enhance the sense of decoration; When it is used as the door and window glass of bathroom and toilet, its pattern should be facing outward to prevent the surface from soaking and perspective

this does not include the disturbance of viruses and crashes. Third, safety glass

safety glass includes tempered glass, fire-proof glass and clip glass, which has become the "advertising" layer of steel structure buildings

tempered glass has high mechanical strength, high impact resistance, much greater elasticity than ordinary glass, and good thermal stability. It is not easy to explode when subjected to rapid cooling and heating, and it is not easy to hurt people after breaking. However, tempered glass cannot be cut or ground when used, and it needs to be customized

fireproof glass refers to the safety glass that can maintain its integrity and heat insulation in the specified fire resistance test. According to the fire resistance index, fire-proof glass is divided into thermal insulation type fire-proof glass (Class A) and non thermal insulation type fire-proof glass (Class C). Class a fireproof glass shall meet the requirements of fire integrity and fire insulation at the same time; Class C fireproof glass shall meet the requirements of fire resistance integrity

laminated glass has good transparency and high impact resistance, and the broken glass will not hurt people. It cannot be cut and needs to be customized

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