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Nova chemical wants to expand its ethylene production capacity in Canada

Nova chemical recently announced that it will transform its ethylene plant in Columba, Canada, so that the plant's capacity will be expanded by 20%. At the same time, it will also carry out debottlenecking transformation of the polyethylene production plant in Moore production base, Ontario. The company also said that it would consider using its proprietary ast polyethylene liquid phase process to rebuild a polyethylene plant based on the analysis of the current utilization of carbon fiber and its composites around the world. These projects are part of its Nova 2020 investment plan. Nova chemical's kelenna cracking unit has an existing ethylene capacity of 820000 tons/year. At present, it is undergoing technical transformation with natural gas and liquid as cracking raw material. It is expected that the transformation project will be completed in the first quarter of 2014. At present, the project has preliminarily obtained the approval of MiCasa, and the ethane raw material from the Marcellus shale basin has entered the local storage tank

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