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There are heroes and there’s Pen Farthings Danica Samuel and Irelyne Lavery, a former Royal Marine who served in the British army in Afghanistan during the mid-2000s. Since then, this extraordinarily brave and honourable man has dedicated his life to saving street animals in the country via his charity, Nowzad. With the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul, the former soldier worked hard to organise for his staff and animals to be evacuated back to the UK.

Not caring for his own safety, he opted to stay in the war-torn city while his wife returned to her native Norway, anguished that he could not leave with her. Many would have dumped the Afghan staff and animals and fled for a flight out of the mayhem but not Pen Farthing. He loyally vowed to stay until both his staff and animals could be guaranteed safe passage to the UK. With time running out, global supporters raised £500,000 to secure a plane for them. The animals would go in the hold, humans in the plane and there would be room for any other waifs and strays that the various western governments could not accommodate.

Defence secretary, Ben Wallaceoccupational_safety_and_health, claimed that Operation Ark, as it was called, was a distraction and inferred in UK media interviews that Pen Farthing was putting animals’ lives before those of humans. It was a mischievous smokescreen and utterly untrue. Farthing never tried to jump the queue – lest we forgetcan serve up to six people per table., the poor guy is still stuck in the hellhole of Kabul with his team and 140 dogs and 60 cats.

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