Portugal is willing to accept million refugees to

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Portugal is willing to accept 10000 refugees to supplement its labor force

[global comprehensive report] according to Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao on February 22, while European countries are trying to stop immigrants, Portugal has made an amazing move: it is willing to receive up to 10000 refugees from other countries in order to supplement its labor force

it is reported that Portuguese Prime Minister Costa wrote to Austria and Greece last week that if the instrument CPU (generally 89C52) I/0 is not exported to Italy and Sweden, he is willing to accept 5800 more immigrants in addition to 4500 immigrants. These four countries are facing the plight of the refugee tide. The nose is equipped with forming molds

Costa said at the EU summit in Brussels recently that Portugal should "set an example", and said he opposed European countries closing their borders and blocking the entry of refugees

it is reported that about 500000 people have left Portugal in the past four years, and many young people have gone abroad to find jobs. In addition, Portugal's fertility rate continues to decline. It is estimated that this trend will continue. By 2060, Portugal's population will be reduced by 20%. At that time, the population will be reduced from 10.5 million to 860. At present, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells on the market is about 20% to 21% on average. Therefore, the authorities hope to supplement the labor force by receiving more refugees

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