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Portwell launched two new low-power embedded single board computers based on Intel Atom architecture

portwell recently announced the launch of two new embedded single board computers based on Intel Atom #8482; The new low-power embedded single board computers peb-2736 and umpc-2710 based on (TM) architecture make these two products based on the new micro architecture platform better meet the application requirements of portable POS terminal devices, medical monitoring systems, mobile kiosks, game consoles, advertising machines, on-board information systems and other automation devices

peb-2736, the best choice for vehicle multimedia equipment, is an ultra-low power motherboard developed for the terminal use environment of vehicle information system platform. It adopts Intel Atom #8482; (TM) Z500 (0.8ghz) series processor supports dual display of LVDS and sdvo interfaces. Due to the advantages of no fan, low power consumption, compactness and common IOS, coupled with open module architecture, it is easy to customize, which can not only meet the customer's requirements of accelerating product launch time and customization

Zhang LingHong, general manager of Ruichuan technology integrated application business group, said: considering that the existing low-power solutions in the market can not fully supply the driving demand of calculators, we realize that the key to ensure the smooth operation of on-board information application equipment in special environment lies in the advantages of no fan, low power consumption, compactness and IOS, combined with Intel Atom #8482; Ruichuan peb-2736, developed on the basis of (TM) processor, is such a product

the on-board equipment using peb-2736 solution can fully realize the comprehensive operation efficiency of video, audio and video. It adopts Intel Atom #8482; (TM) Z500 (0.8ghz) series processor supports dual display of LVDS and sdvo interface. In order to ensure that the system is sufficient to supply query and play smoothly, peb-2736 is equipped with a SO-DIMM memory socket with DDR2 SDRAM specification, and its memory can be expanded up to 1GB; Meanwhile, in order to allow users to select different types of digital devices, peb-2736 has one IDE, one CF card slot, two RS-232 serial ports and CH5 1 high definition audio, 6 USB2 exchange servo drivers, if the code display on the driver is damaged. 0 and 3 SDIO ports, plus the built-in wireless module through the optional sub card of the mini card slot, it makes the wireless network connection easy

industrial control products for mobile applications - umpc-2710

umpc-2710 is a product specially developed for industrial control embedded applications. It has built-in various sensors and modules to meet the requirements of industrial control industry applications

Zhang Linheng, general manager of Ruichuan technology, said: when we learned that more and more industrial applications expect to deliver their services through mobile devices, we based on Intel Atom #8482; The umpc-2710 developed by (TM) processor architecture came into being. It will support our customers to enter the world of mobile platforms. Mpc-2710 adopts Intel system controller hub US15W (SCH, a chipset with high integration and low power consumption), supports LVDS (built-in display) and VGA or pendulum shaft dirty or rusty a output dual display, and also supports SO-DIMM memory socket of DDR2 SDRAM specification, which can be expanded up to 1GB. It supports multiple I/O (Interface) interfaces such as SD/SDIO/MMC/USB, and can access a variety of peripheral devices. At the same time, in order to give full play to the advantages of mobile, umpc-2710 also has built-in Bluetooth 2.0 and WLAN 802.11n Wireless modules

Jonathan Luse, director of production and marketing of Intel's low-power embedded products, said when evaluating this product: "the Ruichuan umpc-2710 based on Intel Atom #8482; (TM) architecture will better meet the needs of the industrial application market due to its fan free, low-power and compact design."

as a long-term and loyal partner of Intel, Ruichuan hopes to help Intel promote the application of the latest technology and provide industrial control embedded customers with product solutions with higher efficiency and low consumption

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