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Relevant industries wear the VOCs tight hoop mantra, and enterprise transformation and upgrading is imminent

relevant industries wear the VOCs tight hoop mantra, and enterprise transformation and upgrading is imminent

December 26, 2019

since the state proposed to resolutely launch the "blue sky defense war" and promulgated relevant laws and regulations, it directly commanded the VOCs Pollution of hair-forming organic matter. As users and enterprises in relevant industries of VOCs emission, they have been pushed to the cusp again

according to relevant reports, as of the end of this year, most VOCs emission industry units in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas have been listed as key environmental supervision enterprises, and a small number have been listed as general supervision enterprises, and orders have been issued to rectify or even close the enterprises that cannot upgrade and transform to meet the emission standards

facing the general trend of environmental protection and policies, today's VOCs emission enterprises have no way out. They are put on a tight hoop. Once they fail to comply with the regulations, they will be miserable. According to relevant media reports, recently, thousands of small and medium-sized industries in various provinces have been closed within a few days, and the resin flow rate and curing system can be adjusted in a wide range. In this situation, small and medium-sized enterprises have died one after another, while large enterprises have stepped up their transformation and expansion. On the one hand, they follow relevant policies and regulations to rectify their non-compliance with emission standards, and on the other hand, they seek advanced technology and personnel to help them upgrade. The process is the same as that of Tang monk. It goes through the difficulty of September 81. Whether the enterprise finally obtains the true Sutra depends on the nature of the enterprise itself

from the current situation, under the general direction of policy guidance, enterprise transformation and upgrading is a certainty. Therefore, enterprises must adapt to the subsequent market environment as soon as possible. So what problems will the enterprise encounter in the process of adapting to it and how to solve them

for example, some key environmental supervision enterprises often encounter some problems when purchasing monitoring and treatment equipment: whether the equipment is stable cannot be understood, the specific monitoring situation of the equipment is not clear, and the manufacturer of the equipment is also very vague. When these enterprises encounter this situation, even if they actively cooperate with the guidance of relevant laws, they still have more understanding but less strength. With poor equipment, they seek a balance between the invisible hand and the visible hand, and use backward technology. Finally, it is difficult to complete the number of emission indicators specified by the state, resulting in rectification and even closure

in fact, when we focus on supervising enterprises to purchase equipment, we should consider the above factors on the one hand and economic factors on the other hand. We all know that the price of a set of tens of millions of good products is different from that of our own enterprises. The cost of sewage treatment is very small, so there will be a shortage of funds in this regard. Once the funds are tight, the enterprise will fish in troubled waters and be fooled into buying the best equipment at the lowest price. The result can be imagined. If you don't pay attention to capital, it will be a loss for the enterprise

How can we measure the above factors that should be considered when we choose to purchase equipment in key industries

it is said that the second China International VOCs monitoring and governance Industry Innovation Summit () will invite top experts in relevant industries. For example, there are nine reasons for the vibration (pointer jitter) during loading: Qin Chenghua senior engineer of the pollution source room of China environmental monitoring station, Wang Qiang researcher of China environmental monitoring station, Zhang Gangfeng engineer of Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, Jiang Jianchun academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and other expert teachers, At this summit, experts and teachers will publish their research results for many years under the situation of environmental VOCs monitoring and governance and relevant national policies and regulations, so that participants can get closer to and clearly understand the national situation and policies, and more industrial user units can find the problems in the process of transformation and upgrading and better solve the problems

in addition, the biggest highlight of this VOCs summit and other industry summits is that key environmental regulatory enterprises and user units in VOCs related industries are free to participate without any conference fees. We are willing to help you solve your problems through the national policy seminar

do all users in the VOCs industry want to take off the curse on their heads and get the final Scripture? Then pick up your phone and dial the VIP exclusive number of the organizing committee, inquire about the free attendance quota, and participate to learn more helpful knowledge and technology

policy guidance and social participation. Under the background of the people's participation in the "blue sky defense war", more and more public, enterprises and social institutions have joined the ranks of VOCs prevention and control. Promoting the construction of an environment-friendly society will become a public choice for environmental protection and health. For more environmental protection VOCs information, please follow the official account vocsummit to learn more cutting-edge environmental protection information

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