Relevant national standards for corrugated boxes

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Corrugated box related national standards

when it comes to the 1.5875mm detection of corrugated box products, you must have 10 points of rich industry experience. Starting from the relevant national standards, the standard is the most authoritative basis for carton enterprises to engage in production and sales. As we all know, the relevant national standards of corrugated box include the following four parts: corrugated base paper, carton board, corrugated board and corrugated box. All technical indicators specified in the national standards are the items we want to inspect and test

normal> the national standard of corrugated base paper is GB, and its main test items include quantification, tightness, transverse ring compression strength index, longitudinal fracture length and moisture

normal> carton board includes ordinary carton board, kraft noodle carton board and kraft leather carton board. Its national standard: GB/T, the main test items include its quantitative, thickness, tightness, burst index, transverse ring pressure index, transverse folding resistance, water absorption, moisture, etc

The main items of corrugated board including the national standard thickness of corrugated board and the bursting strength of corrugated board

normal> the national standard of corrugated box is GB, and its main test items include carton compressive strength, impact strength and reprint strength




information source: Global corrugated box industry



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