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At about 60 o'clock last week, if you walk on Kaiyuan Road in Changsha, you won't miss a neat cycling team, and you will even be surprised that the leader of this cycling team, which is mainly young people, is a father level player

this gray haired father is Professor heqinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligent. Wu Zequan of this team is an employee of Shanhe intelligent who slowly presses a hard indenter into the sample surface according to the specified conditions, and then tests the indentation depth or size

"this year is the 15th year of the establishment of Shanhe intelligence. In order to let employees more participate in celebrating the celebration of the company, Shanhe intelligence held this' Shanhe growth track 'collective riding activity, advocating the concept of low-carbon, environmental protection and fashion." Pengjun, the organizer of this event, introduced. At 8:30 on the same day, 90 contestants set out from guanshaling village, Yuelu District, the birthplace of Shanhe intelligence, and arrived at Shanhe industrial city in Xingsha industrial base after three and a half hours. On the way, they passed through the first, second and third industrial parks of Shanhe intelligence for nearly 45 kilometers

"in 1967, educated youth went to the countryside. I went to Guilin by bike from the place where I went to the countryside, more than 1000 kilometers back and forth." Mr. He said that he had deep feelings for bicycles. "Later, four members of my family were on the bicycle that I modified. Unfortunately, the car was stolen later." Later, in guanshaling village, which is still a "suburban" village, Mr. He also rode a bicycle to work. It can be said that he created mountain river intelligence on a bicycle. More than ten years have passed, and Mr. He has less and less days to ride a bike. "I fell off riding a bike two years ago, and my family won't let me ride a bike." In fact, he Qinghua's name was not found on the list of this cycling activity. "After I heard about this activity, I took the initiative to sign up for it." He said that he used to ride a small bicycle. Before the event, he asked his family to buy a mountain bike temporarily. For the event, he practiced three times, "riding for more than 20 kilometers each time"

45 kilometers away, the organizer of Shanhe intelligent always worried about Mr. He's physical strength, and many employees thought he would not ride the whole journey. However, in the end, Mr. He not only participated in the whole journey, but also remained at the first echelon of the team. "I feel OK. My legs are not very tired." After the competition, Mr. He said with ease

fifteen years of Shanhe intelligence, therefore, the bending specimen should have sufficient length to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Shanhe intelligence "green riding" is pleasing to the people

the 15th anniversary of Shanhe intelligence "green riding" is pleasing to the people

the 15th anniversary of Shanhe intelligence can automatically complete the experimental process with high efficiency and accuracy

the 15th anniversary of Shanhe intelligence "green riding" is pleasing to the people

in fact, This cycling activity is only a part of the series of activities of Shanhe intelligent company. In the month before September 28, the company will hold employee skill competitions, badminton competitions and basketball competitions. "There are four people in our department, three people sign up for cycling and badminton, and one sign up for basketball." Jiang Zhi of the operation center said that the company's celebration activities are not a burden for ordinary employees, but can combine work and rest. "Now our construction machinery industry is relatively depressed. These activities can boost our confidence and morale."

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