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A breakthrough is expected in the core technology of the "13th five year plan" for coal development.

a breakthrough is expected in the core technology of the "13th five year plan" for coal development.

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a number of "13th five year plan" special plans for the coal industry have been issued one after another

On the 25th, China Coal Industry Association held the fifth meeting of the Fourth Council and the Eighth National Coal Industry Science and technology conference. At the meeting, the China Coal Association issued the guiding opinions on promoting the scientific and technological development of the coal industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period, which proposed that by 2020, the independent innovation capability of China's coal industry should be greatly improved, the key breakthroughs in the utilization of core key technologies such as high wear resistance should be achieved, and an innovative coal industry science and technology system with Chinese characteristics should be established

it is reported that this year, the China Coal Association will also prepare the "13th five year" special development plan for the coal industry, and prepare and issue the "13th five year" planning guidance for 13 professional fields such as structural adjustment and equipment manufacturing

"from the perspective of development opportunities, China's economy continues to maintain medium and high-speed development, the coal demand increases moderately, and the industry still has a large development space." Wangxianzheng, President of China Coal Council, said that based on the comprehensive analysis of the relevant objectives of the 13th five year plan, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the elasticity coefficient of coal consumption was between 0.2 and 0.3, with an average annual growth rate of about 2%, and the national coal consumption in 2020 was about 4.3 billion tons

at the same time, the development of the coal industry will also face many challenges. First of all, the period of extraordinary development of national coal consumption with an average annual growth of more than 200million tons has ended and began to enter the stage of slowing demand growth. Secondly, the rapid development of new energy and renewable energy is increasingly replacing coal. According to the analysis of China's total energy consumption of 5 billion tons and 6 billion tons of standard coal in 2020 and 2030, 270 million tons and 750 million tons of coal will be replaced by new and renewable energy

according to Liufeng, vice president of China Coal Industry Association, the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress to the overall level of coal productivity has significantly increased, and the industrial scientific and technological contribution rate has significantly increased from 39.2% at the end of the 11th five year plan to 49.5% at the end of the 12th Five Year plan

the "guiding opinions on the development of coal science and technology" released yesterday clearly stated that the contribution rate of science and technology in the coal industry during the "13th five year plan" should reach 60%, the R & D expenditure of Industrial Enterprises above designated size should account for 2.5% of the operating revenue, and the number of invention patents owned by 10000 people reached 14

zhangjianguo, chief engineer of China Pingmei Shenma Group, said that although the industry situation is bad, the group will still allocate a certain proportion of the amount as scientific research funds every year

"guiding opinions on coal science and technology development" also proposed to form a number of innovative enterprises with international competitiveness, actively cultivate national engineering centers and key laboratories, and establish 100 industrial engineering research centers. Major breakthroughs should be made in basic theoretical research on safe and green mining, clean and efficient utilization and efficient transformation of coal. Large coal machinery, open-pit mining equipment, washing and processing equipment and coal chemical equipment will be nationalized, and the key parts and control systems will be gradually upgraded, so as to promote the export of major complete sets of technologies and equipment

zhangyuzhuo, chairman of Shenhua Group and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the green transformation of energy supply is the main means to promote the supply side reform in the energy field. Shenhua aims to become a world-class clean energy supplier with stable and reliable performance and a world-class clean energy technology solution provider. At present, shale gas development technology, nuclear energy technology, wind and solar energy new energy technology, and coal to hydrogen technology have been included in Shenhua's strategic emerging industry cultivation and development plan. Energy storage technology, distributed energy technology, CCUs (carbon capture, storage and utilization) technology and intelligent energy system technology have been included in Shenhua's strategic reserve technology plan. In addition, Shenhua will focus on the thinking of traditional industries. Toru Yamada, general manager of adeka polymer additives planning and marketing department, said: "the marketing statement has been UL verified and coupled with the Internet thinking to continuously improve competitiveness

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