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The 13th five year plan for environmental protection has shifted to double goals such as environmental quality improvement. The Economic Information Daily recently learned from the Ministry of environmental protection that the Ministry of environmental protection is speeding up the formulation of the 13th five year plan, which will focus on environmental quality improvement and promote the implementation of the three major environmental campaigns of gas, water and soil. According to the plan, it is expected to be reported to the State Council in March next year

it is worth noting that, compared with the 11th Five Year Plan and the 12th Five Year Plan, the 13th five year plan for environmental protection will change from a single goal but the material properties will remain unchanged or even higher standards, namely, the total amount control goal and the emission reduction goal, to a double goal, namely, the improvement of environmental quality and the total amount control of pollutants. The contents will involve green economy, nuclear safety issues, soil environmental protection, ecological environment protection Water environment pollution prevention and control

it is learned that in order to prepare the "13th five year plan", relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of environmental protection have begun to carry out research nationwide since this year. The International Consultative Conference on environment and development for China's 13th five year plan was opened in Beijing on the 9th. Some members and experts of the China Council for international cooperation on environment and development (hereinafter referred to as the GCC) conducted in-depth discussions on major issues in the field of environment and development during the 13th five year plan period. According to the calculation of the Planning Institute of the Ministry of environmental protection, it is estimated that the investment in environmental protection during the 13th Five Year Plan period will increase to about 2trillion yuan per year, and the total investment in social environmental protection during the 13th Five Year Plan period is expected to exceed 17trillion yuan

changjiwen, deputy director of the resource and Environmental Policy Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, told the economic information daily that the "13th five year plan" should reflect several important aspects, including quantifying more stringent emission standards and governance objectives with reference to the "ten articles on water" and "Regulations on the prevention and control of air pollution". For example, in addition to continuing to control the total amount of four conventional pollutants, industrial smoke, dust, VOCs Total nitrogen, total phosphorus and other four pollutants will be added to key areas such as rivers, lakes, coastal waters and key industries, and the total amount of pollutants will be controlled for total nitrogen and total phosphorus. In terms of atmosphere, industrial smoke, dust and VOCs are included in the total amount control for key areas and industries

Chang Jiwen said that the 13th five year plan will also combine environmental protection with building a well-off society in an all-round way. For example, we will increase investment in sewage treatment and waste disposal for rural farmers, continue to expand the pilot project of "multi compliance and integration", take environmental protection as a binding condition for regional development, and will include the development of green finance, green credit, green insurance, etc., set up tax and other incentive policies, promote the third-party governance of environmental protection, and maximize the leverage of social funds

environmental quality has become the weakness and bottleneck in achieving the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects by the 13th five year plan. " Chenjining, Minister of environmental protection, said. He admitted to the economic information daily that due to the excessive environmental cost of rapid development over the past years, China's resource and environmental constraints are becoming increasingly tight, and the environmental carrying capacity has reached or approached the upper limit. The overall environmental situation is characterized by poor environmental quality, large pollutant emissions, serious ecological damage, high risks and hidden dangers, which is far from the needs and expectations of the public. The task of environmental protection is very arduous. For example, he said, at present, the total emission of sulfur dioxide in China is close to 20million tons and more than 20 million tons of nitrogen oxides. At present, 70.8 million tons of sulfur dioxide and 14.5 million tons of nitrogen oxides are reduced in a year. In order to achieve a fundamental improvement in environmental quality, the total amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides must be reduced to at least one million tons. It is impossible to reduce it in 15 to 20 years

chenjining said that in the 13th five year plan, it is very important for China to better reflect the requirements of ecological civilization construction, take effective measures to promote green, circular and low-carbon development, and promote ecological environment protection, so as to achieve the coordinated integration of environment and economy, and achieve the environmental protection goal compatible with building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way

Ren Yong, Assistant Secretary General of the International Cooperation Council and chief consultant support expert group leader, said in his speech at the meeting that for every 100million increase in urban population, energy consumption will increase by 93million tons, steel consumption will increase by 15million tons, cement consumption will increase by 48million tons, the corresponding wastewater discharge will increase by 1billion tons, and garbage discharge will increase by 9million tons. This means that with the continuous progress of China's economic development and urbanization construction, which takes about three days, China is bound to face new environmental challenges. The current system and capacity of environmental governance are still weak compared with the problems

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