The 14th Asian coating industry conference was hel

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The 14th Asian coating industry conference was held in Suzhou. The 14th Asian coating industry conference was held in Suzhou. This machine is mostly used for tensile tests of metals and their materials. November 15, 2010

[China coating information] on October 18-20, entrusted by the Asian Coating Industry Council, it was hosted by China Coating Industry Association and assisted by Suzhou Jiren paint industry Co., Ltd, The 14th Asian coating industry conference was held in Suzhou

this meeting aims to strengthen the communication and exchange between the coating industry in various regions of Asia, and enable Chinese coating enterprises to better understand the Asian coating market. More than 60 representatives from Japan, Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States and Taiwan, China, as well as sunlianying, the chairman of China Coating Industry Association, yuewangkun, the secretary general, yangyuande, the deputy secretary general and representatives of the deputy chairman units attended the meeting. The conference mainly summarized and reviewed the paint market in various regions of Asia from 2009 to 2010, the above six points are about the maintenance of plunger pump, and the work done to reduce the lead content or lead-free in paint, as well as the implementation of GHS

sunlianying first addressed the conference on behalf of the sponsor China Coating Industry Association. She extended a warm welcome to her colleagues from all over Asia. At the same time, she said, "the selection of the conference to be held in China not only enables Chinese enterprises to understand the Asian coating market, strengthens communication with the same industry in Asia, but also provides an opportunity for Asian coating colleagues to understand the development process of China's coating industry." It is also pointed out that the conference is of great significance to accelerate the development of China's coating industry, promote the progress of China's coating standards and policies, expand cooperation and exchanges with countries around the world, and further enhance international influence. "We hope to take advantage of this meeting to actively promote the development of China's coating industry and make due contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of the global coating industry."

sunlianying analyzed China's coating industry in 2009. She pointed out that China's coating industry should move forward in the direction of high performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low pollution. In 2010, the coating industry will focus on industrial upgrading, structural adjustment, strategic transformation and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. It is preliminarily estimated that the total output, total output value and total profit of the coating industry in 2010 may achieve double-digit growth "

subsequently, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India and the American Coating Association analyzed the development of coating industry in this region in 2009/2010. Under the impact of the global financial crisis, the coating industry in the Asia Pacific region has shown different development trends. For example, China is in an upward trend, Japan is in an obvious downward trend, and South Korea is in a stable development

aiming at reducing the risk of lead in paint, India, Singapore, Japan paint Association and IPPIC reported their research on reducing lead content or lead-free, and suggested whether a declaration could be issued to play a guiding role in how to reduce the use of lead. With regard to the implementation of GHS (Globally Harmonized System), Malaysia, Singapore, American Coatings Association and China Coatings Industry Association introduced the work done and existing problems in the region from different angles, and said that they would strengthen their promotion in the future

in order to let Asian colleagues understand the development of China's coatings and related industries, the conference specially arranged speeches such as "the development status of China's coating resin industry" and "the development status and trend of China's marine coatings"; As a representative of Chinese paint enterprises, Suzhou Jiren paint Co., Ltd. elaborated on the "current situation and development trend of protective coatings and coatings for steel structures in China" and the efforts and contributions made by Jiren paint industry in this field at the conference, which won the unanimous recognition of the participants and attracted the attention of representatives from all countries

the conference also gave a speech on APIC output table and Asian coating industry. At the meeting, the logo of APIC was voted, and it was preliminarily determined that the next meeting would be held in Thailand, and a special discussion group of APIC would be established to discuss the relevant topics of the next meeting

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