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Qiansehua health paint: health makes brand health makes harmonious society

qiansehua health paint: health makes brand health makes harmonious society

its specific meaning is: internal stress is generated in metal parts under external force

September 3, 2010

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[China paint information] recently learned from relevant departments in Guangdong Province, The construction project of "hope home" in Guangdong Province, which was aided by qiansehua company, was officially launched with paint, marking the official launch of qiansehua's assistance project of "hope home" for left behind children. The Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Guangdong Youth Federation, the Guangdong volunteer Federation, the Guangdong provincial poverty alleviation and development office and other units have joined forces with qiansehua company to plan to build 100 demonstration "hope homes" in Guangdong Province within one year, and organize members of the Youth Federation at all levels to help with 100 demonstration "hope homes" to carry out caring activities. Then, take the demonstration "hope home" as the standardized model, and comprehensively promote it in the whole province

also interviewed Mr. Huang Dachang, chairman of qiansehua. Chairman Huang said that qiansehua's assistance in the construction of the "hope home" home for left behind children is another innovative move of qiansehua company to carry out social public welfare activities, aiming to appeal to more people from all walks of life to pay attention to and help left behind children by carrying out the construction of "hope home". The "hope home" home for left behind children mainly serves the children of migrant workers and left behind children, Mr. Yan Ge, the sales manager of Greater China of the Life Sciences Department of Lubrizol and the care for left behind children, which integrates five functions, including "psychological counseling, reading and communication, computer training, cultural and sports activities, and volunteer services", introduced Lubrizol's key products and the activity center serving orphaned and disabled children at this exhibition. When asked why he wanted to participate in this activity, chairman Huang told us that children are the hope of our country and the pillars of the future. As a teacher, I should have this and obligation to provide as much help as I can for those children who need help. Since its inception, qiansehua has always taken "being a healthy person, a healthy enterprise, a healthy product, and a healthy society" as its corporate purpose. No matter how much it costs, it should take the path of green and environmental protection, actively carry out cleaner production, energy conservation and emission reduction, use low-carbon technology, and contribute healthy and environmental friendly coatings to consumers. It's not just this event. In fact, qiansehua has been actively participating in various charity activities since its establishment. Qiansehua always insists that only employees who are physically and mentally healthy can produce good products. Only with good products can we become a healthy enterprise. Only with healthy enterprises can we truly serve the society and achieve a harmonious, orderly and healthy society. Through the investigation, we also learned that in 2012, chairman Huang Dachang won the title of "China's top ten paint brands" in the fourth national selection of top ten paint brands held recently. Qiansehua health paint also won the title of "China's top ten home wall paint 2.1 type", which is very rare for a private enterprise

when asked about the advantages of qiansehua products, chairman Huang told us that a good product must have a good business philosophy. Qiansehua has put the cultivation of employees' ability and the cohesion of employees' core strength in the first place of the company since its inception. Therefore, in the face of the financial crisis, we also insist on no layoffs, no salary reduction, no welfare reduction. In this way, every employee can work at ease and produce seriously. This "hope home" construction project uses qiansehua MP7 series of multi-functional water-based paint with "new revolutionary product in paint industry". MP7 not only has the functions of waterproof, flame retardant, moth proof, mildew proof, dirt proof, rust proof, salt fog resistance and scrubbing resistance, but also the products are healthy, environmental friendly, safe, convenient and colorful. While decorating children's homes, it can also be used as children's paintings to better create a warm, harmonious and upward happy home for them, so that they feel "loved by others, protected by others, and difficult to help"

after the interview, I feel that as a leading enterprise of China's top ten paint brands, qiansehua company pays so much attention to social sense and product quality, which is really rare in today's paint industry. And qiansehua's self-confidence and pride also infect every consumer. Let health achieve brand and harmonious society, which are truly reflected in every day of our life

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