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Qie joined hands with Tianjin zhuangte to expand the 2015 Qingdao Hardware Exhibition

in recent years, although China's hardware industry is facing many difficulties and development problems, there is no lack of good development prospects. By building strong brands, hardware enterprises can not only improve their sales performance, but also create a blue ocean market. They can also cut their own territory in the highly competitive red ocean market, until they change the market pattern, become industry champions, lead the development of the industry, and create a brand era of hardware consumption

at the beginning of the Spring Festival, 2015 Qingdao hardware exhibition has entered the stage of exhibition recruitment. Booth reservations are hot, many enterprises join in strongly, and brands gather. Recently, Tianjin zhuangte Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. devoted itself to the exhibition to jointly expand the Qingdao hardware exhibition. Since 1986, Tianjin zhuangte industry has been a factory specializing in the production of all kinds of nails and stationery nails. Most of its products are sold in Europe, the United States and Australia. Now it has expanded its sales scope to South Korea, Japan and South America

modern marketing war is actually a cognitive war to seize consumers. Whoever wins consumers' cognition will win the market. In addition to general standard products, Tianjin zhuangte also produces large and small code nails, box sealing nails, floor nails, inclined foot nails, roof nails, plastic row nails, paper row nails, roll nails, loose nails and mosquito nails, and can develop all kinds of code nails and straight nails according to the needs of customers. The enterprise strictly follows the ISO system and JIS product specifications for production, and under the one-stop manufacturing process, each process has strict quality control, so that customers can receive the highest quality products, and strive to provide customers with high-quality services, excellent quality, and the most favorable price, so as to win the trust of consumers. Thanks to the long-term support of customers, zhuangte industry continues to grow every year. In order to meet the needs of customers and improve product performance and services, zhuangte industry established a new factory in Tianjin in 2004. It obtained ISO in 2005, icc-es in 2006 and JIS certification in Japan in 2009. In line with the concept of "service around exhibitors, considerate molybdenum concentrate decline, feedback to customers, and technology leading the industry", the Organizing Committee of 2015 Qingdao Hardware Exhibition invited well-known enterprises and agents in the industry to join the exhibition, provided exhibitors with the concerted publicity of more than 100 professional media, and provided professional visitors with more convenient and comprehensive industry technology, equipment and products

the spring breeze has risen, and the move is swift and violent. 2015 Qingdao hardware exhibition will be grandly held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center on August. At that time, the audience will gather, and the insulation of buyers will be aging. The organizing committee will integrate the largest resources and strength, and make every effort to build the most professional communication platform for you with the increase of tension; Tailor made cutting, grinding and polishing application technology forum, electric tool operation skill competition, enterprise financing discussion and exchange meeting, new product release and technical exchange meeting for enterprises, etc., to boost the wonderful moments during the meeting

the scale of this Qingdao Hardware Exhibition hit a new record, with a total exhibition area of more than 25000 square meters, more than 450 exhibitors, and more than 26000 professional visitors are expected to visit and purchase. At the same time, the organizing committee will also open five other theme exhibition areas, namely: welding and cutting exhibition, coating and electroplating and surface treatment exhibition, Qingdao logistics exhibition, water treatment pipe pump and valve exhibition, power rotation and automation equipment exhibition

2015 Qingdao hardware exhibition, with 14 years of brand accumulation, leads the hardware industry forward, and is committed to building the first hardware exhibition in the north, so that the service can meet the needs of more customers. 2015 Qingdao hardware feast is willing to walk with you and expand the northern hardware market. (for details, please pay attention to Qingdao Hardware Exhibition Officer:)



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