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Qibin group: accelerate the optimization of product structure, build a glass aircraft carrier, create a new energy-saving glass industry, and seek development in multiple dimensions

recently, the company has repeatedly disclosed its foreign investment announcements, and jointly invested with Fulong international and Yusheng investment to establish four joint ventures with poor toughness of PLA line materials (the company takes the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway as an example, the equity ratio is 48%, Fulong international 38%, Yusheng investment 14%), in East China Investment in energy-saving glass industry in South China and Southeast Asia (Shaoxing City in East China, Huizhou City in South China and Malaysia in Southeast Asia will build one coating line and three mid air lines respectively, with a total capacity of 3million square meters of hollow glass per year and 3.6 million square meters of single coated glass per year), and investment in photoelectric materials in Hunan Province (investment and construction of 700t/d photoelectric materials +1000t/d photovoltaic packaging material production line in two phases)

energy saving glass and photovoltaic glass materials are used in the downstream of float glass. The demand tends to be stable and reliable, and the market space is broad. The company's product positioning is high-end, aiming to further improve the company's profitability and comprehensive competitiveness by combining excellent processing technology with high-quality float substrates. In recent years, the company's willingness to become bigger and stronger has been very strong. The measure of increasing investment in multiple bases and extending the industrial chain once again highlights the company's determination to optimize development. The medium and long-term development of the company is worth looking forward to

both volume and price rose, and industry leaders showed high performance flexibility

the company's revenue in the first three quarters was 4734 years, which was replaced once. 400million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 30. 83%, with a net profit of 4. 3.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 268. 31%, and the cumulative net profit of the whole year is expected to increase by more than 200% year-on-year. The simultaneous rise in volume and price drives substantial growth in performance. The company is the leading enterprise with the largest production capacity in the industry. It has strong cost control ability, obvious scale advantages, and enjoys high flexibility for price increases

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