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Qibin group: float glass leading special glass upstart

1. The company has the dual advantages of high-end technology and high-quality resources, and is extremely competitive

2. The company's production capacity ranks among the top ten in China, and its market share has increased steadily

3. The large-scale and integrated trend of the glass industry is obvious, which provides a good development opportunity for the company to promote the realization of high-quality development

Zhuzhou Qibin Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "

stock trend of related companies

Shenzhen Development a16.50+0.080.49% Qibin group", code 601636), which has landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 12, is a large enterprise specializing in glass production and sales. Since its establishment, the company has been ③ upgrading relevant industrial technical standards, committed to the organic integration of technology, management, business mechanism, etc., adhered to technological innovation and high-end route, and adhered to the "three highs" concept of "high technology, high quality and high added value", so as to develop into one of the most competitive glass manufacturers in China

Qibin group's asset quality has been continuously improved, and its profitability has been continuously enhanced. The annual return on net assets is 5.90%, 32.97% and 37.65% respectively. The average annual compound growth rate of operating revenue is 59.17%, and the average annual compound growth rate of net profit is 468.53%

the company's raised investment projects mainly include the Low-E technological transformation project of 700 ton production line and the 800t/d ultra white photovoltaic substrate production line project. Qibin group will optimize the product structure, solve the capacity bottleneck and promote the upgrading of industrial structure through the raised investment projects

Based on the high-end field, Qibin group has continuously improved product quality and market position over the years, increased investment in research and development, and continued to integrate resources, which has formed a strong core competitiveness

the company has a complete float glass production line and Low-E coated glass production line, with a total daily melting capacity of 3200 tons and an annual product output of 22.3664 million heavy boxes. The company's production capacity has ranked among the top ten in the country, accounting for 4.65% of the market, and showing a steady upward trend. The low-E coating production line technology of Qibin group is at the leading level in the country. This technology is optimized by using the advanced coating technology of American akma, foreign advanced float production technology and combined with domestic new processes. At present, Qibin group has basically changed from a single growth mode of increasing scale to a growth mode of producing Low-E coated glass, TCO coated glass and improving product added value

Qibin group also has advantages in resources, which mainly includes two aspects. The first is raw materials, specifically refers to quartz sand (sand silicon) resources. Qibin group has the largest high-quality quartz sand production base in Dongshan, Fujian Province. Its reserves, high grade and scale are second to none in Asia. The second is the geographical advantage. The headquarters of Qibin group is located in Zhuzhou City, the largest railway freight hub in the South known as "Beizheng Nanzhu". The company's railway dedicated line can directly connect the raw material warehouse and the finished product warehouse, and transport products to all parts of the world in combination with shipping

leading the industry to develop in depth

the three businesses of Qibin group have developed rapidly and formed a benign interactive relationship. Flat glass, represented by float glass, is widely used in various fields such as architecture, real estate, transportation, solar energy and so on, which is irreplaceable in the short term. The coated glass based on Low-E film is an important technical extension of float glass process and an ideal solution for non-woven fabrics for baby diapers, adult diapers, medical cloth, medical clothing and filter cloth. Driven by high technology, the varieties and application fields of coated glass have been greatly expanded. A fixture is fixed and breaks the traditional concept that coated glass can only be used in hollow glass

with the improvement of the quality of terminal demand, the scale trend of the industry will become more and more obvious. Under the traction of this trend, the market capacity will increase steadily. However, the competition will also intensify and the integration process will accelerate. The integration process is comprehensively reflected in the scale, technology and capital strength. Only companies with capital operation ability and resource integration strength can lead the industry to carry out technological innovation and industrial chain upgrading. Qibin group has the advantages of resources and technology. The injection of raised funds and the implementation of raised projects will also add vitality to the company in terms of capital and production capacity

Qibin group's fund-raising projects mainly focus on Low-E technology projects with relatively high technical requirements and ultra white photovoltaic substrate production line projects. The company intends to upgrade the technology and also reflects the high-end strategy focusing on the future. Once the project reaches the production capacity, the comprehensive strength of Qibin group will be further improved. It is expected to become the absolute leader in the field of special glass in the future, and its guiding role in the industry will be more obvious

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