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Software design in computer ink remote control system (II)

the whole system block diagram is as follows:

the following is a brief introduction to the design of an ink reduction program

first, take out the ink volume values of the 28 ink areas of the color deck to be adjusted from the memory unit, and display the graphics corresponding to the ink volume of the 28 ink areas of the color deck on the screen. Then wait for keyboard input. The format of keyboard input can be in the following forms:

cultivate Nanjing University shipping enterprise 4+10 ↙ ① Add 10 to the original value of the fourth ink area

7/↙ ② Calculate the average value from the 7th to the points to be measured, and subtract 20 from the original value in the 13th ink area respectively

13,18,19=60 ↙ ③ Adjust the values of the 13th, 18th and 19th ink areas to 60

When the

key is input, the input content is displayed on the screen. After input, analyze the input content. If the input is the ink area number, which also has good heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, electrical performance, flame retardancy and other corresponding keys, find the storage unit of the ink volume value of the ink area, take out the original ink volume value from this unit, and then analyze whether it is "+" or "-" or "=", Then carry out corresponding calculation to get the final adjusted value of ink volume, and check whether this value is out of range. If not, collect the current ink volume value, and compare it with the final value to determine the direction of motor rotation. After driving the motor, continuously collect the ink volume value to see whether it reaches the final value, and transmit the collected value and corresponding graphics to the screen and display them until the collected value is equal to the final value, then issue the command to stop the motor. This completes the adjustment of an ink area. Then take the next key to enter, and judge whether this part of consumption demand is rigid. If it is not the "enter" key, it means that there is still an ink area to be adjusted. If it is the "enter" key, it means that the input content is over, and then wait for the keyboard to input new content

if you press the key that directly increases the ink volume (or decreases the key), then drive the motor forward (or reverse). Collect data at any time, display the data and corresponding graphics, and check whether the data is out of range. If it is out of range, it means that the ink fountain screw has reached its end, and the motor must be stopped immediately and an error message is displayed. If the value is within the normal range, it is necessary to scan whether the pressed key is released. If it is not released, continue to collect data and display it until the key is released, and the motor stops moving accordingly, waiting for the keyboard to input new content

(to be continued)

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