Soft pack cigarettes are more popular than hard pa

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soft pack cigarettes are more popular than hard pack cigarettes in the rural market

in recent years, Those who agree to pass the acceptance fee in the rural market are in the process of purchase "When consumers also hope to use natural materials to make high-end cigarettes, they tend to choose flexible packaging cigarettes, both farmers and smokers of working class.

according to analysis, flexible packaging cigarettes are more popular among consumers, mainly for three reasons: first, flexible packaging technology, 40% mixed long fiber composed of 20% long glass fiber and 20% long carbon fiber, has a high tortuosity modulus of 17930mpa; second, flexible packaging cigarettes have a high content of The advantage is that it is less easy to deform than the hard packed cigarette box, so it makes it more physical when delivering cigarettes to others; Third, many medium and high-end cigarettes put the highest price specifications on flexible packaging, such as soft Zhonghua in Zhonghua series and soft furongwang in furongwang series, which makes a considerable number of consumers think that soft packaging is better

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